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Root Causes For The Increase In Feeling Stressed Nowadays

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English 101Dung Nguyen#3 draftRoot Causes for the Increase in Feeling Stressed Nowadays "... She was in his thoughts, and the knife trembled in the hand of the little mermaid: then she flung it far away from her into the waves; the water turned red where it fell, and the drops that spurted up looked like blood. She cast one more lingering, half-fainting glance at the prince, and then threw herself from the ship into the sea" (Andersen). The mermaid, who carried her own secret about the survival of the prince, her origin and her love for the prince, suffered such a serious emotional stress that she chose the death. Stress, which is a seriously prevailing problem nowadays, is increasing more and more because of the rapid development of global economy, the explosion of population and the increasing complexity of society.The first reason for the prevalence of stress in our current society is the rapid development of the global economy. If in the past people could enjoy their lives beside organic farms with their neighbors, spend time relaxing while fishing on the river or live some peaceful lives in the mountains, those things would just never happen at this current time. Nowadays, a typical day would be: wake up at 7:00, do some hygiene practices and eat breakfast as fast as possible, drive to office at 8:00 and stay there the whole day with computer and papers till the day ends, drive back home, eat food which is made in industrial ways containing a lot of chemicals in it and then end the day with sleeping after doing some night work in front of the computer. People need money to raise their families, and the only choice for them to do that in this current society is working like machines from day to day. As the economy is developing, they will only have more and more tasks to do. Therefore, the busy day would repeat again and again till people feel bored, they would try to do some things to entertain themself such as watching TVs, playing computer games, going to bars, etc. Nonetheless, those entertaining things cannot release the emotional pressure they have in their lives. Watching TV just does not let their minds relax and going to bars is just like trying to replace pressure by other intensive things. As a result, their mental health as well as their physical will go down. Life in the past may be a struggle because there were not many supporting tools due to the underdevelopment of the economy, but the life with nature definitely is the reason why people used to not have as many mental problems as do they nowadays.Secondly, the competitiveness due to the explosion of population is one of the direct factors which contribute to the seriously stressful feeling people are suffering from. Back to the previous reason, the development of economy is draining natural resources including fresh water, fresh air, lands, etc. whereas the population is increasing more and more. Obviously, the competition among people becomes an inevitable result of that...

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