Root Causes Of Refugee Problem Essay

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International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences
7 (2013) 43-54 ISSN 2300-2697
Post-colonial State and Bureaucracy in Bangladesh: Theoretical Understanding
Hanif Miah
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh
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Bureaucracy is the management apparatus of a state administration. Even in private sector,
bureaucratic organization is very much essential for its smooth functioning and betterment. A
legalized domination of bureaucracy only can ensure highest efficiency of an organization in a
country. But the state bureaucracy of Bangladesh not developed legally from Pre-colonial period to
post-colonial phase as well as an independent Bangladesh eventually. The state bureaucracy of
Bangladesh is patrimonial in nature based on personal interests. The politicians and bureaucrats are
interdependent in various manners for the fulfillment of their purpose illegally in Democratic
Bangladesh. Simultaneously, the impact of militarism still exists in state bureaucracy of Bangladesh
as it faced military rule in several times.
Keywords: bureaucracy; politicians; Bangladesh; military
The extension of society is state. Sometimes Plato treats state as society. According to
Plato, state grows out of the nature of individual. Plato said, ""the state is a natural institution, natural because it reflects the structure of human nature. The origin of the state is a reflection
of man‟s economic needs, for, says Plato, `a state comes into existence because no individual is self-sufficing; we all have many needs." (Stumpf: 1975). On the basis of knowledge and nature of a society, Plato designed the ideal type of state considering three distinctive classes;
King Philosopher, Warrior and Producer. Unlike Plato, Aristotle did not create a blueprint
for an ideal state. But in his Politics, Aristotle says that, "it is evident that the State is a creature of nature, and that man is by nature a political animal." (Stumpf: 1975). Aristotle viewed the state as the agency for enabling men to achieve their ultimate goals as human
being. Aristotle also sketched the different types of state nature; like Monarchy (one ruler),
Aristocracy (few rulers) and Polity (many). He observed three idiosyncratic classes in state;
Extreme Rich, Middle class and Extreme poor. His preference was middle class for governing
state to the holistic welfare.

International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences 7 (2013) 43-54
As an Enlightenment philosopher, Hobbs, Locke and Rousseau tried to observe state as
a new dimension. According to Hobbs state was uneven for the people in primary stage. He
argued that social contract to be needed for declining the inequality. According to Locke, the
uneven nature of state was the golden age of human society which becomes conflicting later.
For the resolution of such conflict, absence of common...


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