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Roots Of Conflict In Darfur Essay

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While the death toll and social devastation in Darfur has been labeled and presented as genocide, the underlying issues dive into broader issues of climate change, racism, and globalism. Genocide is defined as “killing with intent to eliminate an entire group” , but the internal conflicts of Darfur result from a much more complicated web of events. From a civil war based on land, to British colonization, to the politics following Sudan becoming an independent state, the lines of identity and race have been blurred to the point that the narrow intent of genocide cannot be used to accurately describe the situation in Darfur.
The Civil War of 1987 to 1989 is directly related to regional ...view middle of the document...

Slaves later became members of the Fur or Baggara, and immigrant from West Africa adopted Arab. One of the first processes the British conducted was a census of Sudan in which those polled had a choice between “Arab” and “Negroid” as their race. The issue lied in that self-identity could, and often did, change as people moved from one tribe to another and adopted their genealogy. This gave the colonial powers an inaccurate, but effective way to label, separate, and retribalize the people. Once tribes were identified, the native tribes were treated better than the nomadic groups and immigrants which eventually caused more backlash and violence. In the West, people saw color and ethnicity as the only as the determining factor for discrimination. The Jim Crow System at the end of the 19th century segregated services to “coloreds” and “whites” . The history of racism in Sudan is complex, but it is evident that the British attempted to use a “superior race” mentality to separate those of Darfur to benefit their state of power.
The globalization of Darfur occurred in mass communications, in a social sense, and politically. Media attention of the brutality is distinct because it is the only African war that did not remain relatively silent to Western media and government. Not only did it receive more attention than other conflicts of...

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