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Ropes Course Essay

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Humans are social creatures. We need interaction with each other. We interact with each other in all areas of our life. We build relationships with people who we interact with. But not all relationships are equal. With some people who have great relationships with others, not so much. But the thing that any relationship hinges upon is trust. Relationships are often described by trust. We measure how strong a relationship is by how much we can trust them. The sense of trust develops naturally among a group of friends and loved ones. Perhaps it is because we choose who we want to spend our free time with and if we do not trust them, we do not spend time with them. Workplace is a different ...view middle of the document...

Some of the other challenges included the cat walk where you have to walk across a log that is very a high up. The dive consisted of you jumping off a high platform and try to grab on to the handlebar. Whenever you have a person climbing or doing another activity there are always people who are holding the rope you are harnessed to. They are also called belayers. If you are a climber you are putting your trust into your belayers that they will not let you fall.
Perhaps one of the most valuable things about the Ropes Course for offices and teams is the same thing that brings friends together. A group of friends enjoy each other’s company and bond together because of the sense of play between them. Playing engages you as a person on a deep level and allows you to forget about yourself and focus fully on the activity. Being able to forget about yourself is crucial to building strong relationships with other people. When we played the South America game where are given a task to get across the “river”, it really distracted me from focusing on myself but rather focus on solving the puzzle and get everyone across. The goals were set to a team not personal. It puts a team member in the state of mind where you are looking for what is best for the team rather what is best for that individual. I saw the same mindset in my team members, and that feeling gave me the sense of trust in them. This kind of trust makes teams in the workplace strong. When you see your coworkers in it for themselves and doing things that only benefit them, you loose trust in them. If something doesn’t benefit their interests, they are not going to do it and leave you in the dark. This puts you on a defensive position and closes you up. It brings insecurity to every idea and every decision forcing you to analyze if you are going to get hurt...

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