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Rose Riding Ribbon With A Twist

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Once upon a time. A very long time ago, there lived a little girl named Rose. She was also known as Little Rose Riding Ribbon because she wore a rose-colored ribbon in her hair. One day her mother got a text message from Granny; that said: “Not fEln weL.” So her mother called Rose and said, “Rose, Granny is not feeling well. I’m going to bake some goodies for her to get better. I would have FedEx deliver it to her, but FedEx does not exist yet. So I need you to deliver it to her. Now to get there, you have to go over the river, and through the wood to Grandmother’s house you go. On the way to Grandma’s, stay on the path and don’t talk to strangers.”
Her mother made some baked goods and put ...view middle of the document...

” Rose proudly said.
“Granny‽ Well, she and I use to be cribbage partners. I was going to her house and pay her a visit.” Lied the wolf.
Everyone in and outside of the forest knew who Granny because she was famous for her cooking, baking, and for her restaurant called Brother’s Grimm Joint. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But that is another story. Little Boy Blue was told that he should never trust any wolves or foxes because they can be clever and tricky. And if he comes around one or two, then he should blow his horn and someone will come and help him. So Sky blew his horn and immediately a huge brown bear came running towards them.
The bear said in a very deep bass growl-like voice, “Is this wolf giving you kids any trouble?"
“Trouble‽ Ha! That is the last thing I would do to these nice children. Right kids?” The wolf said nervously.
“Oh, yeah! Then why did I hear a horn? Also why are you panting?” The bear said suspiciously.
In defeat the wolf did want to argue any longer and said, “Bye kids. See ya later, Smokey.” Then the wolf ran off and took a shorter route to Grandma’s house.
“Thanks Smokey!” said Rose and Sky.
“Your welcome kids. I better get back to Baby and Mama Bear and walk back home. Our porridge must be cooled down by now. And remember kids, readers, and listeners at home, that only you can prevent forest fires.”

It took a little bit longer for Rose and Sky to get to Granny’s house because they stopped a couple of times to help one of the three little pigs to find wood to build his house with. Also they stop again to pick a few flowers for Granny. Once they got to what looked like Granny’s cozy little cottage, was indeed a house made out of gingerbread. When they knocked on the Rice Krispie bar door.
“Who is it?” someone said in a wicked voice that sounded like Granny’s voice.
“It’s little Rose Riding Ribbon, your only favorite granddaughter.”
“And Little Boy Blue too!”
“Come in.”
What Rose and Sky did not know was that Granny ate B. B. Wolf in one gulp and used his hide as a rug. When they walked into Granny’s house, they saw that her wood floors were made out of pretzels and carpet made of coconut shavings.
“Wow Granny! Your is house is sure scrumptious!” Rose said eagerly, hoping to eat this edible house.
“I know my little Gretel. That is why I made this house, so that little kids like you two will come and visit me.” Granny said to Rose and Sky as she pinch their cheeks.
“Is your Grandma ok, Rose? Because she just called you Gretel.” Sky whispered to Rose poorly.
“Of course I am, Hansel. It’s just that I get so lonely here. You kids must be starving after that long walk over here?”
“I have a very bad feeling about this.” said Sky, under his breath.
“What’s that dear? My ears aren’t what they use to be. [Chuckle]! It’s too bad that I do not have ears like that wolf who tried to eat me. You know what they said for big ears don’t you?”
“Yes, Grandma. The better to hear you with.” the kids said.
“Exactly! Know who wants...

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