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Flowers are beautiful and harmless but roses are protected; however, roses did not always have thorns. A long time ago, in between the flat top mountains was a village called Starryhaven. Surrounded by luxurious emerald of trees and known for their sapphire waters, Starryhaven was the wealthiest place known to mankind. Throughout the Starryhaven there was one girl who could make anyone smile. She was the Rose Maiden. She was a pure as jasmines and as innocent as lilacs. Her golden locks would shine brightly though the village as she chased after giggling children. Everyone who knew her was quite taken with her. The old, the young, and even the dead were grateful to her kind actions that had ...view middle of the document...

His attention was soon captured by a rose covered in dew. Every step he took drew him closer to the fiery rose. As he neared it, the flames from the bonfire exploded into the air blinding him temporarily. The Rose Maiden saw him fall as she ran away but her kind heart quickly turned her around to see the man. “Are you alright?” She asked while looking at him. “I am. I thank you for your kindness,” he said with his crescent moon smile. The children soon flocked to the pair and danced with them. As the night drew to an end, the Sun Prince left the village dramatically as he had come.
Soon the village was drained of its rich colors and the people were ached for food as Persephone left for Hades again. The village chief called upon the heavens to save his people. “Save my village and my people, dear Sun Prince!” he shouted to the sky. Aphrodite overheard the village chief’s grief and sent him a message. “Sacrifice the Rose Maiden. I have already planted the gold arrows into their hearts. It is the only way to save your people from Demeter’s grief.” Aphrodite told the village chief. The village chief could not bear to do it but he had no choice. She accepted her fate and was told to dress in the finest clothes she owned. The next day, the villager built a boat to put the Rose Maiden on. With a veil over her head she smiled and bid farewell to her family and friends. The villagers pushed the boat into the water and watched it sail until it disappeared into the horizon. The Rose Maiden’s smile would be the last thing the villagers would remember about her.
The boat was soon engulfed by the torpedo waves and swallowed the Rose Maiden into Poseidon’s cave. The Sun Prince pulled her from the cave and into the sky where she would watch over her village....

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