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First titled Life and Stuff, Roseanne aired its first season in 1988 and its last season in 1997. The show starred Roseanne Barr as Roseanne Conner and John Goodman as Dan Conner. The couple lived in Lanford, Illinois with their three children Becky, Darlene, and D.J. They are a blue-collar, working-class family with both parents working outside of the home. They struggled just to pay the bills and put food on the table, sometimes each working two jobs. It portrayed real life issues such as pre-marital sex and pregnancy, financial struggles, sexuality, infidelity, death, drugs, and much more. In the first of its nine seasons, Roseanne (Barr) works at Wellman Plastics, along with her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and friend Crystal (Natalie West). Dan (Goodman) works as a self-employed drywall contractor for his company, Four Aces Construction. Roseanne's parents, Beverly (Estelle Parsons) and Al Harris (John Randolph), drive their two daughters crazy. Teenage Becky (Lecy Goranson) begins dating her first boyfriend Chip (Jared Rushton. Darlene (Sara Gilbert) wonders if she can still play baseball after having her first period. This season also deals with the issue of death, a terrifying tornado, Dan and his father’s relationship struggles, and Roseanne and her friends quitting their job. In season two, Jackie decides to become a police officer and begins a serious relationship with Gary (Brain Kerwin). Roseanne runs through a plethora of jobs, with shampoo woman at the beauty parlor being most influential. Roseanne also deals with issues of attractiveness when Dan's poker buddy Arnie (Tom Arnold) passionately kisses her. She is slightly disappointed when he does the same to Jackie. Crystal and Dan’s father begin a romance. Becky has a new boyfriend, Jimmy, and struggles with obeying her parents and making her own choices. Darlene is pushed close to tears when she writes an inspiring poem that she is forced to read to a crowd. Darlene’s writing debut reignites Roseanne’s own passion for writing, prompting her family to turn the basement into a writing office for her as a birthday surprise. Among many other things, this season set the tone for Conner’s Halloween celebrations. Season three begins with the Roseanne taking a pregnancy test that turns up negative. She also gets a job as waitress in the restaurant at Rodbell’s. She meets Leon (Martin Mull) and Bonnie (Bonnie Sheridan) while working here and becomes close friends. Jackie hurts her back in the line of duty, which results in Gary giving her an ultimatum; quite her job or he leaves. This is the last time we see Gary. Becky begins and continues dating bad boy Mark Healy (Glenn Quinn) even after her parents forbid her from doing so. Dan is outraged Ed and Crystal plan tell him they to marry and later that Crystal is pregnant with Ed's...

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