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Rosemary: Nature's Most Adaptable Plant Essay

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Rosemary: Nature’s Most Adaptable Plants
Herbs and spices are commonly regarded as the most nutritious foods and are used in recipes as inconspicuous ingredients to make them more favorable. However ordinary plants they may seem, they add ripple flavor on recipes. When the herbs and spices are dried, they provide a numerous healthy compounds known as phytonutrients that not only improves the taste of food but also benefits the body.
An in-depth History of Rosemary
Rosemary is one of those all-around plants in the planet with a variety of uses from cuisine, aromatherapy to medicine. The scientific name for the plant goes by the name Rosmrinus officinals. Various cultures spanning from ancient Greeks, Egyptians, to the medieval Spain, Romans, Hungary, and England and to Renaissance era highly valued the plant. The plant was first seen in Mediterranean and Asia but has now spread to other part of the world including North America, Mexico and in Europe.
Using Rosemary when Cooking
Rosemary is a hardy evergreen perennial plant that can be harvested all throughout the year making it usable as a freshly herb. On the other hand, its needle-like leaves can be used even when dry. Due to its strong and stable flavor, one only needs a small portion of it even in dishes that are slowly cooked.
There are so many traditional applications of Rosemary including using it with vegetables and lamb, specifically roasted root vegetables, tomatoes and summer squashes. A perfect combination of Rosemary and garlic results in a strong and versatile seasoning with or without lemon zest, olive oil or lemon juice. Making delicious rosemary-infused oil is easily achieved by simply adding one or more sprigs into a bottle containing olive oil.
Rosemary supplements various herbs including chives, oregano, bay leaf, sage, parsley, thyme and savory.
Using Rosemary for Treatment
Rosemary is naturally endowed with rich compounds generally called phytonutrients just as any other herbs and spices. Pythonutrients is scientifically proven to have plenty of health friendly properties particularly antioxidatives. The properties include unstable oils as well as secondary phytonutrients such as cineol, rosmarinic, borneol, carnosic acid, camphene, carnosol and others yet to be figured out by nutritional scientists.
Part of rosemary’s history is its proved ability to relieve muscle pain, improve memory and stimulating the nervous system. Consequently, it is currently considered as an antidepressant, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, natural disinfectant and an expectorant.
It’s alleged antiseptic, diuretic and stimulating properties makes it a well-liked tonic. It has also been widely suggested to aid in stimulating bile secretion to help in eliminating toxic from the body when it is bound to the dietary fiber.
The aromatic rosemary plant is also widely applicable in medicinal science to treat a variety of diseases such as liver disease, high cholesterol,...

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