Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead: Merely Puppets At The Hand Of Tom Stoppard

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“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” (Jaques 2.7.6. As You Like It)
The story Rosentcrantz and Guildernstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard, demonstrates how stories and their characters are all just fictional. The characters in the play have no control over their own lives, they were created by a writer who controls everything about them and only exist when they are meant to. The characters, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, however, do not realize they are just merely characters and they are being watched by audiences. Everything they do is humorous for the audiences amusement. The coin tosses, the acting, the stage, the fact that the characters could not make ...view middle of the document...

Tom Stoppard also shows Ros and Guil confusing their own names, representing that since they themselves do not matter, their names do not matter. In the movie, when the echoes occurred, neither of them could even identify who just yelled and made the echoes happen. Also, they did not have sense of direction because their life has no direction. Ros and Guil do not exist because they do not make choices so they just go wherever they are led. The same goes for not knowing where they were, they did not exist so it did not matter where they were as long as they were not on stage when they were not suppose to be. This story is more of a comedy then a tragedy because it is humorous and the characters do not matter. When they die, the audience has no emotional attachment to them so therefore the ending is not sad. Hamlet however was a tragedy because the characters the audience come to know and understand, die. Using Theatre of the Absurd is a good way to demonstrate why characters, ideas, plots, and words do not matter in a way that people find humorous and easy to understand.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern could not take control of their lives because the writer did not want them to. Guil kept replacing words in the Lord’s Prayer such as saying, “Give us this day our daily Mask”. He said mask instead of bread because like Jesus needing bread to survive, the characters needed to act, they only existed while in the play. Also, when Ros and Guil where on the boat and Ros thought about jumping over board to “put a spoke in their wheel”, he quickly refrained because it was not the authors intention for Ros to die yet. Ros and Guil went with the flow on absolutely everything they were told to do. When Ros and Guil were sent for, they asked no question and went with the flow of things. From there, all the events that happened lead to there imminent doom because the writer intended them to. When Guil was about to die he asked, “was there a time when we could had said no?”. This is a good point because they could not say no. They did exactly what the writer wanted to do because since he is the creator, Tom Stoppard is the only one who who can make decisions for the characters. The writers job is to please the audiences so if the characters did something unexpected, it would not make a good play, movie, or book. There was no fate or destiny all things happened for the purpose of making a good story at the hand of the author. In the movie, viewers saw a script flying or just laying around or in some weird form when something was happening, this symbolized the play being in action.
Tom Stoppard made the Player aware that he is just an actor and even if he does die, he...

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