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"Roses Are Red", Violets Are Blue, Patterson's New Thriller Is An Experience For You

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James Patterson, best selling author of "Pop Goes the Wease"l, "Cradle and All", and "Kiss the Girls", returns with "Roses Are Red" (Warner Books, Inc., 2001), his latest gripping dark crime tale featuring brilliant profiler Alex Cross.As fans have come to expect from Patterson's work, this novel is fueled with high emotion and resonates with moral outrage. As always, Patterson gives his book a healthy measure of both poignant humanity and horrendous cruelty, once more demonstrating that he is at the top of his game, mining an area of psychological suspense that is all his own.Patterson comes at the reader with shifting viewpoints in extremely short chapters that are bursting with surprises and suspense. Patterson is known for his extremely short chapters, and Roses Are Red is a book that portrays this unique trait of his. A lot of readers like the shorter chapters; Obviously it would be a disaster if every writer wrote that way though. Patterson views this trait of his as very smart, he thinks that people are really busy and if they come home at night and are faced with a forty page chapter they think, "I can't do that right now." Whereas with the Cross thrillers, they'll think, "Oh, 3 pages, I can do that," and then they go on to one more chapter then another and so on. Patterson also thinks the shorter chapters are conducive to that sort of reading experience. When Patterson sat down to write the first Cross book, he consciously set out to make it the fastest-paced thing he could ever put on paper. Patterson wanted to differentiate the series from what was already out there, and the short chapters are something he decided to do consciously.Cross's latest case is one of his most frustrating. It concerns an ingenious criminal called the Mastermind, who forms vicious teams to rob banks and yet changes the pattern of the crime each time. If his plans are not followed precisely, he threatens to kill whole families taken as hostage -- and does so without hesitation. In another instance all the members of a bank staff are murdered without...

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