Roswell Myth Or Fact? Essay

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Thesis: Although the United States government vehemently denies having recovered a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell New Mexico, I believe not only did the crash happen; the government is trying to cover up the crash still.Outline 1. Introduction: What happened? a. Conflicting ideas about what happened.b. Government agencies recovered wreckage c. Tried to cover it up 2. Pro UFO a. Unidentified objects being weather balloons and radar targets.b. Dummy explanation.c. Alien Autopsy d. Gerald Anderson Story 3. Against the landing a. Many things in the sky excuse.b. Project Viking excuse.c. Moby Dick excuse.4. Conclusion: I believe aliens did crash land at Roswell. There are so many conflicting cover up stories it has to be true.Myth Or Fact? In June of 1947 a UFO craze swept over America with the Air Force's announcement of the capture of a "flying disk", and then the quick retraction of that statement. Conflicting explanations of the find as weather balloons and radar targets can be found in almost every piece of literature written on the Roswell incident. I in fact believe that there were aliens recovered at Roswell and hope to prove my theory correct by showing the conflicting information given by the USAF in a scramble to cover the incident up. The rumor that government agencies had secretly recovered wreckage and bodies from a crashed UFO began circulating, around the country in 1947 when the crash took place. For a few hours after the crash radio broadcasts and newspaper headlines all over the world reported that the United States Air Force had recovered a "flying disk" that was not of this world. This, space ship story was believed by all until the rumor was quickly squashed by an USAF official saying that the crash was just a weather balloon that had fallen to earth after a malfunction. After the announcement of the weather balloon most people forgot what happened at Roswell all together. Just recently in the 80's and 90's was there a rekindled interest in the Roswell Aliens. (Clark, 121) Nowadays, UFO believers maintain that the announcement of the "flying disk" came from Col. Blanchard, one of the highest, ranking officials stationed at the Air Base in New Mexico. And of course how could one of the highest officials in the military have mistaken a weather balloon for a UFO? (Churchill, 5) There are many different stories recollecting what actually happened at Roswell. To form an educated opinion on whether an alien spacecraft actually did land in the desert in New Mexico one `must look at the situation from all different viewpoints. There is the view of the U.S. Air Force that has had a different excuse each time someone calls them on a mistake they made. First they said the unidentified object was a radar target then they said it was a weather balloon. Then when the controversy about the alien corpses arose the USAF said the bodies allegedly found in Roswell were "crash dummies" from high atmospheric testing. (Thomas, 17) Most firm UFO...

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