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Roswell Paper Final

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Is there actually life outside of earth? Throughout history there have been sightings and stories about alien crash landings or extraterrestrial life forms. Perhaps one of the most famous of them all would have to be the crash that supposedly took place just outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947.
The Story
As the story goes according to The Roswell Daily Record, A farmer by the name of Mac Brazel was doing his daily check-up on his crop fields, when he started to come across large pieces of material unlike anything he had seen before. He followed the trail and at its end found what he believed to be a crashed alien spaceship. Astounded and somewhat sceptical about what he found Brazel immediately contacted the Roswell sheriffs department, who then dispatched an officer to check the scene.
The officer was astonished and after seeing it for himself quickly contacted the Air Force Base who sent one of their best to the scene, Jesse A. Marcel leader of the 509th bomb division. After arriving on the scene Marcel had the debris gathered and sent away. To where we may never actually know, but most believe the remains were taken to the “Area 51” military base supposedly stationed just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. After the debris were taken from the scene Marcel relayed to the press to release an article telling about the debris and what their origins were believed to be. Only a few days after the incident happened and the article was released another man stepped in. He went by the name of General Roger M. Ramey. When he stepped in he immediately had the press release a second article that classified the debris as part of a crashed weather balloon.
When the second article was released it can be imagined that there was some scepticism seeing as though the two articles were completely contradicting each other. Years went by and suspicion continued to grow, ideas of conspiracy were all around. Finally, in 1995 another article was published that revealed what the crash supposedly was. The article conveyed information about a top secret government mission known as “Project Mogul”. Although, some still didn’t buy it and scepticism continued to spread.
“Project Mogul” was supposedly a mission that allowed for large balloons to be released into a layer of the atmosphere that would allow radio frequencies and sound waves to travel through the atmosphere without interference. The “balloons” were supposedly being used to monitor sound waves coming from Nuclear Bomb tests happening in Soviet Russia. That was the last known information given to us, about “Project Mogul” and the crash in Roswell.

Methods and Results
I intended to research the crash by any means necessary and went through the web, library, and online databases. I also distributed a group survey with my high school class, and got solid results. I...

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