Rot And Ruin Essay

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Benny needs a job to continue getting his food rations once he turns 15, but he can’t find one suitable for him, so he eventually turns to Tom, his brother, asking to assist him on his job as a "closure specialist." On his way to his first job helping Tom, Benny sees a group of bounty hunters brutalizing zombies. He knows the zombies can't feel it, but begins to realize how cruel bounty hunters are. The Imura brothers make it to their destination. Benny sees Tom kill his target, and learns that he is nothing like those bounty hunters he saw. Being a "closure specialist" means being sent to go kill a certain zombie for someone, but really the zombies are relatives and family members, being killed for closure. After the job Benny went to the local store with some of his friends to buy Zombie Cards. Benny got a rare Chase Cards, and was fascinated by the girl on the picture- The Lost Girl. He went to talk to the ...view middle of the document...

The zombie began to chase Benny, but just before it could get to him Tom showed up and killed it. After inspecting the body, they realized the artist's hands had been mutilated before he was infected, and had been brought to the house. Someone tried to kill Tom and Benny. The brothers began to try to figure out who killed Rob and who tried to kill them. Tom soon realized that Nix, one of Benny's friend and his crush, and her mom, Tom's girlfriend may be in danger. Tom ran to the house as fast as he could and benny tried to keep up the entire way there, just to find out that Nix was kidnapped, and her mom, was murdered. Benny and Tom set out to find Nix. The boys began trying to sneak by a field of hundreds of zombies, when suddenly a bomb went off behind them. They eventually got around the zombies, and found a footprint that they began to trace. Two bounty hunters, Vinand and Joey Mekong came out of the shadows. They were about to get into a brawl, when tons of zombies came around the corner. Tom and Benny began to run along a long line of abandoned cars. Benny spotted Nix and Charlie, the Motor City Hammer popped out of a car with a gun. He shot and hit Tom. Tom fell into a group of hungry zombies, the distraction gave Benny and Nix time to escape into the woods. Benny and Nix ran into the Lost Girl. Her name was Lilah, and she had been surviving alone in the rot and ruin for years. They set up a plan of attack to stop Charlie Mathias once and for all. The plan was going not going well. They had killed some of Charlie's men, but the plan was not going according to plan. Benny had lost his weapon, Nix was being held by Charlie's men once again, and Lilah was nowhere to be seen with the final portion of the plan. Charlie was about to kill Benny, when Tom appeared out of the bushes. He was covered in blood, scaring everyone, they saw him die. Tom seemed like an angel, but he was still outnumbered in both men and weapons. Suddenly, Lilah came into view followed by hundreds of zombies. They killed everyone except Charlie who almost got away. He was about to escape, Tom cut him off and knocked him off the cliff.

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