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Rotary Electro Motors Case Essay

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1. IntroductionIn the following report, the sales department will be analysed by me of the company 'Rotary Electro Motors B.V.' with respect to what can be improved looking at their weaknesses.The company itself belongs to the biggest electronic motor producers in the Netherlands with a turnover of more than 132,500,000. Seeing this you would think that they could not have done too many mistakes. However, you should keep in mind that there are always certain risks a company will face over the time of business especially with the quick developments in nowadays life like the internet. In this report, I will choose one department the Sales department and will try to evaluate them by looking at the department and see how they can be adjusted with application control and the segregation of duties. At the end I will give a short conclusion about Rotary's Sales department.2. RotaryThe Sales Department at Rotary offers and processes orders. Next to the possibility to communicate with others by means of e-mail or fax or phone they also have up-to-date data on their own terminal, which linked to the main computer, and they will receive updates regularly to have a good knowledge of what is available and possible. Another aspect which is important are the files like stocks, outstanding order & offers and data of debtors can be accessed so that they cannot make a mistake to sell something to someone who has not paid for a long time.The Sales department consists of eight people excluding the head of the department. Four people are obliged with the field of organization and four people with internal sales. The salespersons in the field of organization particularly focus on industrial enterprises. Specific dealers and installation companies, and intermediaries in general, are granted 15% discount off sales prices as a matter of course. When deviating discounts are to be granted the head of the sales department consults the commercial Manager. Now that the installation at larger industrial enterprises have been contracted out a new department the Technical services Department has been established and does this now.The custom-made electric motors are sold based on the offer prices. To get this done the sales department has to consult with the Design and Drawing Department and the Engineering Department. Their interactions with several other departments can be shown as follow:SALES DEPARTMENT CONSULTS WITH:- handles offers - Design and Drawing department andEngineering Department to propose anoffer-processes orders-records orders in automated order production system-distributes copies of orders - Manager of Manufacturing department and the Manager of the Accounting department receive a copy of the offer- draw ups acknowledgement of the orders (done by sales administrator) - Manager of Sales-, Design and Drawing-,Engineering-, Manufacturing and Accounting department receive copy of Acknowledgement-makes sales invoices (done by sales administrator) and sends it...

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