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The many stakeholders in this case include George, the city of Hondo, current employees, environment and the company. George relocated his family and stands to lose his position if the company is moved to another location. He is faced with the decision of continuing to allow the emissions to soar above the EPA guidelines, at the current location by scheduling the heavy emissions work at night, therefore causing more damage to the environment. Furthermore, should he instruct the company to relocate to the new location the environment would still be affected on the U.S. side. By continuing to be above the benchmark of emissions the environment, employees and citizens are affected. “The environmental issues managers face are not simply about trees and water and birds. These issues affect all people, including the managers themselves.” (eGuide, p.2) In addition, the employees are stakeholders because they face losing their source of income. Lastly, the company is a stakeholder because they stand to face the cost of relocating or continuing to suffer from fines. The interest for each stakeholder is a loss of monies and the environment continues to be affected.
According to the Kaplan eGuide, the Clean Air Act applies to this case due to the emissions and their continued effect on the environment and people. The corporation in this case would be held liable if they continue to allow the smokestack emissions to remain above the allowed level set by the EPA. By failing to invest in new smoke stack scrubbers the company will continue to be above the emissions level, therefore continuing to suffer from fines. In addition, should the violations lead to the environment being affected they could possibly have legal action brought against them by the EPA or even private citizens. Should the decision be made to change the scheduling to nights air contamination will be increased resulting in a danger to the environment as well. If an employee were to contact the EPA informing them of the changes that had taken place then they would be held liable for an additional violation of the guidelines. On the other hand the EPA must attempt to develop cost effective ways for power plants to reduce the carbon.
Applying the categorical imperative to this scenario would result in the environment suffering from severe effects. If the decision to continue to operate the plant with its current smokestacks, either during the day or at night, it would result in further deterioration of the environment. Furthermore, should other companies that have similar operations choose to continue to pay the fines and ignore the issue, or change the times that they release the emissions the effects would be astronomical! Therefore, if everyone took on the attitude of self-interest then there would be no order or control. When applying the utilitarian theory, the employees will be the ones to suffer. ...

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