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Have you ever bribed a police officer before? For some, bribery might seem like a great solution to avoiding those costly fines, but for others bribery has led to great amounts of injustice. A black family in tangier were harassed for years by some racist Moroccans. The Moroccans were part of a gang and had already set fire to one of the African migrants’ rooms. One day, these Moroccans entered their house, armed, and after a scuffle, the family was able to get rid of them, but 2 of them had been stabbed meanwhile. When the victims went to the police station right after the incident had occurred (still bleeding from their wounds) and told the police what happened. The police asked for identity documents before even suggesting to start an investigation. The police kept on prolonging the migrants’ wait at the police station, asking for more and more documents, until one of the migrants’ Moroccan friends came to help. The migrants and their landlord pressed charges, but a day later the police came to them asking that they resolve the matter personally instead of taking it to court. The migrants believe that the police must have been paid off to withhold such a terrible crime (Backhausen, Kamille Boye). Unfortunately cases like this are far too common in Morocco and is a result of people essentially buying the police. Police corruption has become part of the daily lives of Moroccans, and since not much effort has gone into getting rid of it, the lack of justice and safety in Morocco will continue.
Moroccans have accepted police corruption, and it is now a part of their daily lives. After taking a survey in my class (24 students, 9th grade) about police corruption, 79% of them have already bribed an officer (whether them or their parents), and 71% were going to start or continue bribing officers (Youssef, Adam). Corruption is so common among Moroccans that if you ever attempted to bribe one of the officers, they would most probably accept it. A couple participants to my survey have claimed to have bribed a police officer by only offering yoghurt (Youssef Adam). The participants believed that bribery made their lives easier since they could avoid hefty fines or potentially losing their drivers license. On the other hand, they believed that bribery made life in Morocco a lot more dangerous. If they can make enough money, the policemen can let by even the worst of crimes, meaning they are basically letting criminals and felons run loose.
Some drivers that must go to the port or market must give in to police corruption and give the bribes since the officers might keep them there for hours and might make them be late. An official had surprisingly become the mayor of a city without having won the majority’s vote. He then got to sentenced 17 years.
An even greater cause for police corruption is their greed (and for some it might be their need) for more money. Officers’ wages vary from 4,500 to over 60,000 DH depending on the rank. A drug dealer was caught...

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Rough Draft Essay

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