Rough Draft Essay About Youth's Problems Northwest Christian High School Essay

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Tran 2
Zoe Tran
Mrs. Hixson
10 September 2017
Prompt: Write a five paragraph essay that outlines three main problems youth face today; explain why these are significant.
Everyone has their own problems. Not only adults but also young people have been under pressure and facing multiple of concernment every day. When we mention youth, we tend to see them as kids who have an easy life which is covered with goodness. But the truth is totally opposite. The three main factors build up most concerns for young people are peer pressure, Internet and drugs and alcohol addiction.
First of all, peer pressure is supposed to be a motivation which helps people complete themselves but nowadays its role seems to be changing and causes so many unexpected outcomes. Every school boy/girl all experienced more than once the feeling of jealousy when seeing somebody else is better than them at certain things. That raises up a foundation of pressure and self-judgement for not doing well. They compare themselves to the other people who have better conditions or doing things better and try to imitate them. For example, in a girl group when someone has a new nice purse, the other will envy her and desire for it. That life they are living is not their life but the life of a shadow. They keep chasing for ideals and forget who they actually are. Another sign for peer pressure is staying away from school scandals. Rumor is so dangerous that it kills a big number of young people. It is because adolescents are easily influenced by gossips and afraid being in the other’s talk. They always try to stay in their comfort zone, don’t go out of the box and express their opinions.
One of the most...

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