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Rough Draft Research Paper: Critical Analysis Based On Theme

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In Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth, “Only Goodness” is a short story that delves further in the relationships of an American Bengali family dealing with an addiction of a family member, and is expressed through the protagonist Sudha, and her brother Rahul. The conflict of this story is Rahul’s drinking becoming a problem that not only affected him but his family as a whole, and that becomes the struggle between his family and himself. “Only Goodness” plot revolves around an American Bengali family that struggles with their son Rahul who is an alcoholic. Rahul and Sudha his sister were their parents’ biggest successes but Rahul ends up becoming more distant from his family throughout. Later on, the story focuses on his further downfall into alcoholism. He drops out of college, ends up moving back home to live with his parents and works in a Laundromat, and Sudha on the opposite is doing what is expected her of becoming the saving grace of the family. Even when Rahul and his sister Sudha were in different places in their lives, she tries to bring him back to his senses, but she ends up not being able to in turn making their relationship very strained up until the end. The climax in “Only Goodness” occurs when Rahul, who seemingly appeared to have changed, rekindles his relationship with his sister and while he visits her family, he ends babysitting his nephew Neel who ends up passing out leaving Neel unattended in the bathtub. A key setting that this story takes place in is London where Sudha originally was born in, and she currently lives there with her husband Roger, and their baby son Neel. A significant theme that is shown in this short story is the effects that an addiction one member of the family can have on the entire family. Alcoholism is the direct result of internal strife in families whether those problems may come from distance among the family, a lack of trust, turning to outside influences, depression, or expectations that you must live up to.
What is one cause of alcoholism? Distance among your family. This is a leading factor to alcoholism on an emotional level due to what you‘re going through in your life. For example if you can’t come to your mom, dad, brother, sister,...

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