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Rough Review Of "American Pastoral"; Answers To Questions Given To The Teacher

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1. Why do you think the author wrote this book?I think the author wrote this book to try to demonstrate what it might feel like being the father of a daughter who committed an act of terrorism. What kind of feelings he might be going through a person like this, and how they might find way to make themselves guilty of the crime that their child has committed. It basically let's us now that even terrorists have parents.2. What have I learned from this book?I have learned how hard it is to make a leather glove, and I have learned more about the era of the late 60s early 70s.3. What would I like to know more about? Less about?I would have liked to know more in depth about Merry's trips to New ...view middle of the document...

12. Who would benefit by reading this book?People who would benefit by reading this book are people who think it's entirely the parent's fault about adults and teenagers who commit inhumane acts, or people who like extremely psychological and depressing books.13. Who would not like this book?People who would not like this book would be people who don't like books without a much of a plot, and people who don't have enough patience to read through a whole book just to find out how this man is feeling.14. What was most memorable about the book?The most memorable bit about the book was the day that Swede discovers that his daughter has become a Jane, who is someone who doesn't want to hurt a single bacteria, while learning later the afternoon that his wife is cheating with his neighbour. He has to keep all this to himself throughout a whole evening with his neighbour's family and his wife.15. Would I read any other books from this author?No, I do not enjoy the style or the non-existence of the plot. I found the subject to be interesting, but I feel that Philip Roth's style did not correspond at all with my tastes.16. Character: Who are the major characters? What are they...

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