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Routine Drug Testing For High School Athletes

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Patricia Neal once said, “A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug” (Neal). However, many teenagers of this era, large part athletes, seem to think differently and they constantly use illegal drugs. To help fight this problem, many colleges have taken strong actions in trying to stop drug abuse by athletes. High schools throughout the country have considered taking these same actions for various reasons as well. Some people believe that high school athletes ought to be given a routine drug test because it will help prevent them from abusing illegal substances. Such actions will also help detect cheaters who use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to get an edge over their opponents. On the other hand, some believe that routine drug testing is unnecessary because it will be inefficient in detecting drug abusers. However, there are more pros to this system than cons, and therefore high schools throughout the United States should give their athletes routine drug tests.
One reason why high school athletes should be given a routine drug test is because it will help prevent a large number of students from abusing illegal substances. Marijuana, ecstasy, and other narcotic drugs have become popular not only among adults but also among teenagers. In fact, a 2003 study pointed out that more than 7.5 million individuals, ages 12 to 17, reported having used an illegal drug at least once in their lifetime. The same study indicated that out of the students in grades nine through twelve 40.2 percent had used marijuana, 12.1 percent had used inhalants, 11.1 percent had used ecstasy, 8.7 percent had used cocaine, 7.6 percent had used methamphetamine, and 3.3 percent had used heroin ("Teens and Drugs Fast Facts"). A large number of teens die each year due to drug abuse, and the death rates just keep on escalating. If a drug testing system is set up for high school athletes, then those athletes who are tempted to use illegal substances will think twice before using them. Furthermore, those athletes that test positive for these substances will get suspended from their respective teams and this will create a healthier environment—at least in high school sports.
A routine drug testing system in high school will help detect cheaters who use performance-enhancing drugs to get and edge over their opponents. In today’s world, with the competitiveness and popularity of steroids and other PEDs among professional athletes, it is not difficult to believe that many high school athletes are doing the same. A 2003 study examining steroid use among teens in the United States showed that 6.1 percent had illegally used steroids and 3.2 percent had injected an illegal drug one or more times during their lifetime ("Teens and Drugs Fast Facts"). Nevertheless, if a routine drug testing system is established, those who are caught cheating will most likely get suspended or even banned from high school sports thus making the competitive field...

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