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Royal Bank Of Scotland Case Study

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This assignment was given by Madam Rosliza Manaf as the subject of his assignment of Business Information Management Strategy to all degree students with international business information technology business (CU202). Based on this assignment students were required to make a case study on computer RBS failure ' Caused by inexperienced operative in India ‘. Based on the case study is also required to give an idea of comparative advantage of IS / IT outsourcing in the company. Then, based on the case study of this question me are required to describe the main Threats to take outsourcing IS / It to the company. Next, I need to make recommendations on measures to prevent the occurrence of a failure in the computer system. In addition, I also have an opinion on what I've learned from this assignment and I understand the issues case study RBS computer failure ' Caused by inexperienced operative in India’s.

RBS computer failure ' Caused by inexperienced operative in India ' is simply telling a Royal Bank of Scotland is experiencing huge problems for workers from outsourcing to help make the job of IS / IT in their companies , thus causing the system cannot be accessed by RBS customers who use the service . This problem stems from young technician who deliberate delete information during the process of upgrading the RBS system. This matter has resulted in millions of customers unable to access as well as a loss on the transaction made during the upgrade system is running. The company RBS cannot entirely blame this offense to young technicians but they blame the company for not being careful in a case like this and create a backup plan so that this problem is not widespread so take the time to fix it. Due to the company's failure to do so the company must bear a considerable loss of £ 50 million and £ 100 million to customers for the cost of late payment fines or fees incurred as a result of the delay in resolving the problem. Furthermore, to remit the amount to be taken from the part of senior staff bonus RBS as one of the actions that admit their mistakes.

Finally, the summary of the case study will help me to solve critical thinking questions that must be answered in accordance with the questions that are asked. Next, help me find this case study trip. In addition, the summary made to help me learn the important issues of this case study consented.
1. Critically evaluate the competitive advantage that can be gained by companies through IS/IT outsourcing. Provide suitable example to support your answer.

The competitive advantage is the favorable position an organization seeks in order to be more profitable than its competitors. Competitive advantage involves communicating a greater perceived value to a target market than its competitors can provide. This can be achieved through many avenues including offering a better-quality product or service, lowering prices and increasing marketing efforts. Sustainable competitive advantage refers...

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