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Royals In The Playoffs Essay

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Rachel Turner October 9, 20144A/B Essay Final DraftOn September 30, 2014, the Kansas City Royals defeated the Oakland Athletics to get into the MLB playoffs. In the photo, the photographer, Dilip Vishwanat, emphasizes the win that the Royals have just achieved and shows the priceless, hilarious, and excited facial expressions that the players had. This photo effectively gives the audience the effect of being happy and rejoiced for the baseball team. Also, the photo shows the photographer's point, through posture, humor, and ethos, that winning an important game takes teamwork and if you work hard, you can achieve anything.The posture of the baseball players, which is very casual and relaxed shows that playing baseball is what they love doing. The photographer captures the team just as they have won the game, so the audience feels as excited as the players look. This appeals to the audience's pathos. By using posture, the audience feels that the game was fun and a good experience for the team to have. The focal point of the photo, the main player, shows him with his arms spread wide which symbolizes that he is relieved and excited. The other players coming from the bench are already hugging and celebrating, which makes the audience feel good too. The players' posture creates the effect of winning a game that means a lot to all of the players and contributes to the photographer's effect of the audience being happy for the baseball team.Another element that the photographer uses is humor. Humor is supposed to make the audience laugh and smile, and the photo definitely creates that effect. The first thing that should make the audience laugh is the mud on the back of the player's pants. Usually when there is mud on a baseball player's pants, it means that the player had to slide to a base to stay safe. This mud on the pants shows that the player also worked very hard to get to that base and stay safe. The other aspect of the photo that is humorous is the facial expressions of the crowd and the players. If you look at the photo closely, you can see that the crowd is...

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