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Rss Project Essay

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I played the role of a salesperson from Campbell Swine Solutions Inc. My value bundle was my product, plus the salesperson, plus the company (obstetrical pig snare + me + Campbell Swine Solutions Inc.) My sales call objective was to first build a relationship with the customer by creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere so that the customer may feel like that they can trust me to do business with. My goal was to be able to sell obstetrical pig snares and to give the customer the opportunity to experience my value bundle. My guest salesperson was Mr. Shane Clifton from P&K Equipment out of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The role that he played was the owner of a small veterinary clinic in Kingfisher, Oklahoma where there is a huge niche for swine production.

I opened the call, by first introducing myself as well as the company that I represented. I then began to build a relationship with the customer by taking the time to get to know them through small talk. The conversation consisted of building rapport by finding a common interest among our lives and families’ lives, as we both are passionately involved in the livestock industry and the production aspect of the livestock industry. Once a common ground had been established, I began to ask probing questions to uncover account needs, opportunities, and values. The customer’s communication style was facilitating. The customer was very friendly, supportive, and personal. During my presentation, he liked my use of other customers’ testimonials and personal assurances. He also trusted my advice when I communicated to him the fact that I had personal success with the product.

In order to translate my product’s features into benefits I used the F-A-B approach. The F-A-B approach states, “Because of this feature, you will be able to (advantage), which means you will gain (benefit). After explaining a feature, advantage, and benefit, I then moved to the next F-A-B concerning the product, and so on, until it was the appropriate time to close the sales call. I used this approach because I wanted to be able to give the customer all of the information that they would like to know about the product. Also, by using this approach, I wanted to be able to overcome objections that the customer may have initially about the product such as effectiveness, quality of product, and price. Lastly, my goal for using the F-A-B approach was to be able to...

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