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IntroductionA Chinese proverb says - "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This proverb clearly depicts how education is extremely important in providing individual freedom, self-reliance and self-empowerment. It sows the seeds for a society which is aware of what is happening around it and where every individual benefits from the gains that the societal development offers. Social prosperity, political stability, strong economy, and equality among all the people are other positive outcomes of education.It is because of this background that education is considered as a basic fundamental right in many countries around the world, and considered essential so that a person can use it as means to ensure all other rights - fundamental rights given to him/her by his country or human rights that he/she has.The most formative years in a person's life are his childhood years (from age 4-5 to 15-16). Proper elementary education at this stage is extremely important in order to lay down the foundation for further learning and development during his entire lifetime. This elementary education enables an individual to develop and foster various skills and talents - analytical capabilities, self-confidence, and most importantly a determination to set a goal for life and then slog hard to achieve it. Looking at the scenario macroscopically, elementary education is what plays a pivotal role in improving the socioeconomic conditions of a country and the world. History shows us that all developed countries have had a strong elementary school driven education system. Thus for any country to grow and prosper holistically, it is important that it has a strong elementary education system in place.1.1 Background InformationIncreasing focus on basic elementary education since independence has been one of the important aspect of evolution of India's education system. The slow, but steady rise in the country's literacy rate (from 18% in 1951 to 74% in 2011) has been a very important accomplishment of this evolution.Various reforms, in the forms of schemes, policies, projects and campaigns have been launched by the government since 1950. These are discussed in the following table. These reforms have been highly instrumental in bringing about the changes in the education system which we witness today. Table 1: Evolving Education Landscape in India [1]

Elementary Education

Across different education segments


Expansion of basic and Elementary education (First Plan - 1951-56)
Primary education made free and compulsory (Fourth Plan - 1969-74)

First National Policy on Education adopted (1968)

1974- 1990

Launch of centrally assisted schemes such as Operation Blackboard (1986), Nonformal education scheme (1986), Shiksha Karmi Project (1987) and Mahila Samakya (1989)

Education made a concurrent subject (1976)
Second National Policy on Education adopted (1986)


District Primary...

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