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Rubyfruit Jungle Essay

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Rubyfruit Jungle is an amazing novel about a girl, named Molly, who I see as breaking free from societal norms with no shame. I think Molly sets a terrific example for people today. As I read, I felt exhilarated by the sense of freedom and shamelessness that was within Molly. I am not fully speaking of this in the sense that people should all feel compelled to be attracted to the opposite sex, through Molly's example. I am, however, saying that people should follow Molly's example of not being ashamed of who they truly are inside and the things that they want to do in their lives. If everyone goes through life not living how they want to live and not doing the things they love to do, then they won't truly live at all. In some ways I saw Molly as modeling Sula in Toni Morrison's book. She had an air of arrogance to her at times, just as I saw Sula possessing. Like Sula, Molly took off to better her life and left her family behind. Also, like Sula, Molly at times hurt people, by her harsh honesty. However, one thing that set Molly and Sula apart was Molly's willingness to return to her mother with whole heartedness, whereas Sula after returning home, treated her loved ones with utter disrespect, at times not even realizing that she was in the wrong. Molly has a fire in her that so many people admire and others shy away from, scared that if they followed in...

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"Educating Rita" by Willy Russell Essay

1134 words - 5 pages Franks room; She had done this by watching the ballet and opera on the television even though those around her were opposed to the idea and that she her fact didn't understand it. Rita had also begun reading what she considered to be a literary novel 'Rubyfruit Jungle'. She was so taken by the book that she even changed her name to Rita after the author of the book.Rita would not take no for an answer when Frank told her he wasn't really up to the

How Does Willy Russell Portray The Changing Relationship Between Rita And Frank In "Educating Rita"?

1212 words - 5 pages really discussed in a teacher pupil relationship. In the next scene, Rita starts changing. She buys new clothes and starts talking proper English- the way she thinks the way educated people speak. Frank doesn't approve of her changing personality and gets a bit uneasy. He prefers the old Rita. Rita doesn't need Frank to 'hold her hand as much' as before. He doesn't like this as he isn't needed anymore. Her views also change about the book Rubyfruit

Willy Russell's Presentation of the Relationship Between Frank and Rita

1737 words - 7 pages her emotions, we know this from the various times that he changes from his tutor role to talk to Rita about problems with her and Denny. This is like he is speaking on a fatherly level with Rita. Frank also doesn't want to hurt Rita's feelings we know this form this extract; FRANK: Now the piece you wrote for me on-what was it called…? RITA: Rubyfruit Jungle FRANK: Yes, it was-erm… RITA: Crap FRANK

The Metamorphosis of Rita in Willy Russell's Educating Rita

2261 words - 9 pages disguise for her true feelings and nervousness. In the next scenes, we learn more about the characters backgrounds, in particular the reasons behind Franks drinking and why Rita wants an education so much. We are also given more evidence showing us the differences between the two characters. Rita has named herself after an author. "Y'know, Rita Mae Brown who wrote Rubyfruit Jungle? It's a fantastic book." She has named herself

How do Rita, Frank and their relationship change in 'Educating Rita' - Willy Russell?

2420 words - 10 pages lectures drunk and not taking anything seriously. He does not even bother to hide the drink anymore. He carries it, in his briefcase, to lectures. The briefcase symbolises work, so to carry alcohol in it shows just how little he cares.Frank now chooses to ignore his education; ''Rubyfruit Jungle'' is excellent.' He is reverting to how Rita was. Whereas, Rita now has a view, shows her understanding and expresses it formally. They have echoed each

Frank's Growing Sense of Unease as Rita Becomes More Educated

3773 words - 15 pages three, it is as if Frank has become the person Rita once was, whilst Rita acts in the way Frank did. Frank has read 'Rubyfruit Jungle' and thinks it to be "excellent", and then repeats something which Rita said before she had changed: "assonance means getting the rhyme wrong". By referring to things she has said and done in the past, it is like he is trying to recapture the parson she once was. This shows the audience, he

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1973 words - 8 pages An Examination of Rubyfruit Jungle and Her Critics            Rita Mae Brown's first novel, Rubyfruit Jungle made waves when it was first released in 1973. Its influence has not gone away over the years and is in its seventh printing. While mainstream critics failed to acknowledge Rubyfruit Jungle in their papers, magazines and discussions on contemporary literature, there are plenty of non-mainstream voices to fill the void. While these

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2606 words - 10 pages , there are others which reveal a more narrow view. For example, in 1973, author Rita Mae Brown published a shocking exploration of one girl’s growing up lesbian in America. Creating images of rape, incest, and promiscuity, Brown portrayed a cold, angry character willing to blame her sexual identity on a dysfunctional family and an unyielding educational system. While uniquely American in both its authorship and perspective, Rubyfruit Jungle should

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1546 words - 6 pages between--between--Somerset Maugham an' Harold Robbins. An' you're still treating me as though I'm hung up on 'Rubyfruit Jungle'. Just... You understand, don't you Frank?""Entirely, my dear.""I'm sorry.""Not at all. I got around to reading it, you know, 'Rubyfruit Jungle. It's excellent.""Oh go way, Frank. Of its type it's quite interesting. But it's hardly excellence."Blackout.Frank is trying to connect with Rita by reading the book that she once

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684 words - 3 pages that an academic like Frank will enjoy fictions such as "Rubyfruit Jungle" just as much as she did. It is also more obvious when Rita views the religious painting as 'erotic'. She also thinks 'Howard End' sound like a 'naughty' book. She was looking through a working class uneducated perspective than to a higher, educated culture. However, Rita wants to be able to read books and attend ballet opera and appreciate these art forms. The gap exists