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Rudeness In American Business Culture Essay

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Americans, in their interactions with one another, are ruder than ever before. People in general seem to have abandoned the Golden Rule of treating others as they themselves wish to be treated. It is the opinion of many Americans, including myself that rude behavior is on the rise, not only within the business environment but also among all societal interactions. As society increasingly trends toward casualness, traditional manners and general politeness slowly erodes. The upswing in rudeness, however, does not stem from any one single cause but rather is the result of a combination of various “individual, family, and organizational factors” (Crampton & Hodge, 2008, p. 42). According to a national poll, 71 percent of Americans perceive a decline in the nation’s civil behavior and 54 percent expect the decline to continue (Weber Shandwick, 2013, para. 2). The polled Americans believe this epidemic originates primarily from internet and social media use; however, politicians, schools, and the workplace are additional contributing factors to the nation’s increasingly rude culture (Weber Shandwick, 2013, paras. 6 – 12).
Society is busier than ever before and its hurried lifestyle compromises face-to-face communication resulting in a growing dependence on interactive technology and media to fill the gap. Furthermore, rapid technological changes designed to boost convenience ironically amplifies an already pressurized lifestyle. The perceived need to stay connected exacerbates levels of frustration, creating more stress. As discussed in the class slide presentation, hurried lifestyles and increasing dependence on technology provide the breeding ground for rude behavior as personal relationships and communication deteriorates (slides 6).
Mounting incivility and rudeness in the workplace arise from “stress, overwork, and anger” (Sayers, Sears, & Kelly, 2011, p. 270) which come from the “continual pressures on managers at all levels…for improved performance in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment” (Hosmer, 2011, p. 1). Pressure increases stress, escalating rudeness and incivility, as employees are required to do more with less, both in terms of financial, and human resources. Furthermore, a diverse workforce “may react differently to situations” (Crampton & Hodge, 2008, p. 42), thus compounding perceptions of rude...

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