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Rudimentary Horn Essay

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The unicornuate uterus is a uterine abnormality which involves the malformation of one of the two Mullerian ducts. In this case, one Mullerian duct is formed correctly to the uterus while the other is undeveloped or developed incorrectly. This results in a single horn linked to fallopian tube facing the ovary (Heinonen, 1997).
A normally functioning uterus is approximately 5cm wide and 7.5cm long, 2.5cm deep. A unicornuate uterus is about half the size of a normal uterus with only one fallopian tube. Due to its shape, it appears as having one horn. The unicornuate uterus is formed in the early stages of the female’s life (Heinonen, 1997).

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The team discovered that 50% of the patients successfully delivered a live baby. The miscarriage rate was 34% and preterm delivery was at 20%, with the risk of severe complications of the uterus at 10%. According to these results, patients with this specific abnormality are at an increased, higher risk in their pregnancies for pregnancy loss and potentially fatal uterine complications. The diagnosis of the unicornuate uterus can be executed by a pelvic examination. The examinations are typically prompted by menstrual issues or reproductive issues. Other helpful techniques include 3-D ultrasounds, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, MRIs, and hysteroscopies (Heinonen, 1982).
Unicornuate uteri can be discovered before pregnancy occurs, and in that situation, it will commonly be treated surgically. This surgery would reconstruct the uterus, removing any malformed problem area (Heinonen, 1982).
As the uterus is the main vessel of reproduction, it is important that it be in good condition for childbirth. The uterus must stretch to considerable sizes during pregnancy in order to accommodate the fetus. Therefore, the unicornuate uterus presents a serious problem during pregnancy and childbirth. Due to its size and inability to provide for a growing fetus, the uterus may suddenly rupture while the woman is in labor, very possibly resulting in fatalities of both the mother and fetus (Heinonen, 1982). A uterine rupture is a tearing of the wall of the uterus. In a full rupture, the tear is through every layer of the uterine wall. This can result in severe and traumatic bleeding with dire consequences for mother and child (Reichman, 2009).
Women are strongly encouraged to seek medical assistance at any, even minor signs of a uterine abnormality, especially a unicornuate uterus. It is vitally important to reproduction, and reporting a problem could save the life of a women and her child. This condition may require a woman to have special attention during pregnancy as all risks are increased with it. A pregnancy with this uterine abnormality including the rudimentary horn must be removed in order to prevent the...

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