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Rudolph Giuliani Essay

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Coming from another state I had not heard or learnt about Rudy Giuliani prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001. I could not have told you the Mayor of New York's name before the attacks, but as the rubble was cleaned up and the spirit and patriotism of America grew, Mayor Giuliani was front and center. Such a disastrous situation could not have been handled as cautiously and swiftly as Giuliani handled it. It became quite clear that Mayor Giuliani was not your average politician, because your average politician would not have ran to the scene of such tragedy, they would of immediately taken hide in a safe house. President Bush made an appearance down at Ground Zero, but that was to enhance is image, Mayor Giuliani visited and stayed down at Ground Zero because he simply cared.

Maybe caring is what made Giuliani such a great leader. But the Mayor had more then just that on his side. Giuliani was an incredible organizer. Every morning at eight o'clock the Mayor and his top officials would have a meeting. The purpose of these mornings was to establish communication between himself and his board of officials. By doing this everyone was working on the same page, and there were no surprises. If there happened to be a surprise, such as September 11th, everyone was still on the same level. Giuliani also possesses some analytical components of leadership. The way he had to see the 9/11 disaster for himself, and the way he thought small, and broke down what needed to be done. From shutting down tunnels and bridges to getting air cover from the Air Force, Giuliani broke everything down and did everything in his ability to minimize any other human deaths. Although Mayor Giuliani is a great organizer, he does seem very dependant on others. Maybe it is just a politician thing, but having someone such as a young intern like Bruce Teitelbaum to tell you where you can and cannot drive, and how many steps there are to the bathrooms seems a little unnecessary. Then again, it could just be a perk of being the Mayor.

Although Mayor Giuliani's legacy will forever be intertwined with the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the finger print he left is more then just that, and is certainly, like all other finger prints, one of a kind. One of the first missions for Mayor Giuliani coming into his term as Mayor was to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers. He did just that. Throughout the time period of Giuliani's two terms the crime rate has dropped nearly fifty seven percent and murder has dropped sixty five percent. Those are amazing numbers considering New York City is known throughout the world for its dangerous streets. What's most impressive is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) has named New York City the safest large city in America for the past five years. Once known for its corrupt law enforcement, New York City's NYPD has become a model for other police forces across the country.

When Giuliani...

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