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Rudy Garcia Essay

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If Aldous Huxley was living today, he would have a distaste for mass culture in all of its crowd pleasing forms. He liked to stay to himself. It would be hard for Aldous Huxley to identify media and culture of today. Decades before had no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. None of the social media’s we have now were around during Aldous Huxley’s time. Would He be a totally different man if he was around during this time? A decade ago Aldous Huxley said, ”I find the watching of horse races or football matches less agreeable as an occupation than the acquisition and coordination of knowledge.”
In Aldous Huxley’s book “Brave New World,” Huxley builds a future in which the global government ...view middle of the document...

Was his image in his head a prediction on our future? Maybe perhaps a message?
In his novel he kept the people drugged and happy, same as our society. Especially in the area I live in, people turn to drugs because they think that it make it easier. People go through things every day, and they turn to either alcohol or drugs, maybe even both. As they say “wash that pain away”. In the
novel, instead of alcohol, Huxley uses “soma”. The only thing is that soma doesn’t have the after effect as alcohol, or damage your body as drugs do. Soma takes away every emotion except happiness. Without emotions are you really a human being.
In Aldous Huxley’s novel, he mentioned Henry Ford, the father of the assembly line, as a “God”. He only did that because in the novel, Ford used the assembly line to create the embryos in the New World State. Back in Huxley’s time, Henry Ford had just created the assembly line to make it easier to make cars. Also, due to the assembly line, many people who worked for ford lost their jobs.
Nobody who has read this Novel can say that “Brave New World” has no Similarities to our world today. If you read the book from cover to cover, and have a full understanding if it, you will be able to compare it from our world. Not completely like our world but it has some similarities. In the book...

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