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Rugged Individualism Essay

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Rugged Individualism, I don't believe that it should be everyman for himself. I think Social Security, Welfare, and Food Stamps are a good idea, they just need to be better structured. I don't mind helping someone out as long as it's for better not for worse. I also believe that our country has been built on helping each ...view middle of the document...

After we crushed Germany and we didn't rebuild their cities or offer help it came back around to us and started World War II and from the previous war we had learned from our mistakes. We have also become the worlds watchdog and we cannot be individualist if help out other countries. It is the American way to not be everyman for himself or else we would be isolationists. I don't believe that my hard earned money should go to some guy on the street that is not trying to get back on his feet that is why I believe that if we could structure our Social Security, Welfare and other government departments then tax payers money would not go to waste and we would not be so against social security and the others. So being an American and all I am against rugged individualism because our country has been built on helping out not only our fellow Americans but also our fellow populace of the world.

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