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Rule Of The Bone:America's Underpriveleged Youth

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Rule of the Bone: America's Underprivileged Youth Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There are 50 000 permanently homeless children in the United States of America. There are three million cases of abuse reported every year in America. There are 1.3 children who are reported to run away each year with the main reasons being substance abuse and family conflict and violence. And these are only the numbers of the children who were seen by authorities, there are many more children that simply just slip through the cracks. Hundreds of shelters and programs are available to Street kids in the shadows, in more these youths; however, 13 street kids die each day from assault, ways than one disease and suicide. And what do these numbers mean? Help isn't reaching these kids, thus America has essentially abandoned its underprivileged youth. Rule of the Bone can be read as an indictment of an American society that has essentially abandoned its underprivileged youth. Street kids come from all social, economic and racial backgrounds thus there is no typical profile. Eighty-four percent report past or current sexual and physical abuse, 80% have health problems such as respiratory conditions, skin disorders and injuries, 33% have mental health conditions, 72% have dropped out of school and 76.5% of those read at an eighth grade or lower level and 85% are unemployed....

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