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Rule Of Law In Cyberspace As A Means And Way To Cyber Security

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During the last some decades we can find out a significant increasing of crimes committed
through the Internet. The most dramatic thing is that such kind of crimes normally cover some
countries and therefore international, unified way of prevention and investigation of cyber crimes is
needed. There are numerous theories and ways to prevent cyber crimes, to ensure cyber security,
but I would focus on some basic directions. There are two basic ways to follow this road: legal and
procedural way, which is partly defined by European Convention on Cybercrime (2001).
I think we have gone a little bit far. Let's come some steps back.
I would firstly like to define
the notion of law. There are a lot ...view middle of the document...

Among 30
articles of Universal Declaration 5 basic categories of human rights were assigned, such as: social,
political, economic, cultural and civil. The core principles of human rights were firstly officially
stated in the Declaration, as follows:
universality, interdependence, indivisibility, equality and
And now let's move on to the specific field of cyber space.
It is not a secret that the USA is the main player in the cyberspace, in the syberpolicy. The
main strtegy of syberspace development laid in the US initiative, called International Strategy
Cyberspace (2011). The strategy prescribes US policy principles and estimated future of the
Internet in terms of realization of US policy. The basic principles of the strategy are: fundamental
rights, privacy and free information flows.
The strategy prescribes the possibility:

to make Internet more accessable allover the world by means of lower pricing (thanks to
groving of digital systems) and making the Internet universal by means of using of software
with open code;

to make the Internet more secured and reliable. It could not be done by the only
stakeholder only, but on the every stage of Internet communication and governance:
Internet-users, NGO, government and by means of fruitful international multistates
cooperation. For that reason international technical standards and procedures are needed;

to create unified International norms or rules in cyberspace. At the same time, the strategy
does not pretend to rewright existing norms (such as European Convention on Cybercrime
(2001), but to produce universal
ing of the norms on-hands, which do not strictly
define details of relations and interaction in cyberspace. Convention on Cybercrime is
supposed to be the basic set of norms in cyberspace. US position is to recommend foreign
countries to implement princpiles and positions of Convention into national legislation. The
USA consider the Convention as the set of benchmarks in cyberspase.
The strategy also prescribes the necessity to adhere fundamental freedoms, respect to
property and private life, ensure protection against cyber-crimes, right to self-defense, global
compatibility, network stability, reliable access, multilateral governance and special attention to
Internet governance and...

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