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Do you remember growing up and you had to obey mommy and daddies rules? “sit up straight while you’re eating. Don’t sit too close towards the television. Stop being selfish with your belongings.” Meanwhile as you get older you follow the rules of being in a daycare, classroom, work environment, and society. To be able to know your rules it allows you to know your boundaries on what can you do and what you cannot do. So we encounter rules in our everyday lives even in sports. In sports we need rules in order to play the game correctly and for our safety. The rules of a sporting event form a structure of a competitive nature. In the game of basketball the rules have changed dramatically ever since it was made in the late 1800s. Over the years, there have been many controversies about the way the game was played so organizations such as the NBA or the WNBA would make adjustments on how the players were playing so that they would play fairly and safely. Along with the massive expansion of technology, collegiate and professional basketball leagues are able to go to video to check replays on calls they have missed. Back in the day, players would get away with many calls and they were not caught so they have used video to their full advantage.
James Naismith was a Canadian native who “took a soccer ball and a peach basket into a gym and invented basketball.” He was born on November 6, 1861 and he passed away on November 28, 1939. Naismith was a physical education teacher at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1891 he was inspired to invent the game in order to play a game indoors while it was cold during the winter. After he had cut open the bottom of the peach basket put up another basket and he created the first thirteen original rules of basketball. Some of the original rules were that “A player cannot run with the ball.” “Holding, pushing, or tripping was counted as a foul…the player who committed the second foul would be disqualified until the next made basket.” “If either side makes three consecutive fouls, it shall count as a goal for the opponents.” In modern day basketball there are about twelve rules in the NBA/WNBA, eight rules in FIBA, and ten rules in the collegiate level.
There has been a great amount of change in the rules since the game was created. Now you can dribble the ball and move around with it instead of being stationary. There is flagrant fouls where players may commit unsportsmanlike conduct by tossing an opponent to the ground or other such actions. There is technical fouls were players may not taunt in a game. Now in modern basketball, instead of committing three fouls to receive a “goal” for the opposite team, you have to go to the free throw line and shoot a basket or two. For every basket you make it counts as a point. Not all players or spectators get along with the calls, which causes...

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