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Rules That I Have Versus Rules That My Children Will Have

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As children we all have certain rules that we must follow. Each family has different variations of rules; some may be stricter while others may be more lenient. No matter what type of household you grew up in, there was most likely some point in time when you got in trouble and told you parent or parents that you were going to raise your children completely differently. In my case I told them that I wasn’t going to give that rule to my children. Every time I got in trouble and felt as though my parents were wrong and being unreasonable I would make a mental note in my mind that I wouldn’t give my children that rule. However now that I am older I understand why my parents gave me certain ...view middle of the document...

They also raised me with good morals and taught me how to respect people. As a child I was very stubborn and aggressive, but they managed to lead me away from that. Some parents hate when others corrects their children, however whenever I was with anyone my dad always made a point to tell them that if I misbehaved they had full right to punish me. My parents also agreed with different ways of punishments. At a younger age my parents spanked me, never with a belt, but with their hand or a wooden spoon. I also had privileges taken away from me or given extra chores. One other big factor in the way that my parents raised me was taking responsibility for my actions. If I hit my brother because he was annoying me it was never, “Mateo that’s what you get,” it was always, “Ariana although he annoyed you, you can not use physical force towards him.” My parents also were never huge on the tattle tale thing. They did tell us to come to them instead of hitting, however they also encouraged us to work things out on our own. One thing that my parents are big on and have always made a big deal out of was school. They expect nothing less than our best. B’s were average not great, and C’s were not even thought of. A’s have always been what’s expected, and if you need extra help on something then you better figure out a way to learn it. Over and over again they drilled into my mind, “School is your job.”
My mom and dad’s philosophy has always been that we can tell them anything. They have always been there for us. They let us explain our reasoning and points to them before they make a decision and they also try to include us in many things. For example whenever it is time to make the dream sheet of where we want to move for my father’s work, we always have a family discussion about it. Don’t get me wrong though, they have also made it clear that they are the bosses of the house. Another thing that I have admired of my mom and dad is something that I have noticed when they discipline David. When they tell him that if he does something again this will happen, they follow through. I have come to realize that this is why I am so thoughtful of consequences. One time my mom warned David that if you steal you go to the police, and David once again stole a snack from someone at school. Well I got home that night and found out that David and Mom were at the Police Department. Can you believe my mom actually took him to the police department? She found a cop and explained how David had stolen, the cop, being a father himself, caught on and took David in handcuffs to show him around the jail. The cop told him how this was his warning and he would let him go home but the next time he wouldn’t be so kind. From then on David knew my mom meant what she said. This may have been one of the more harsh punishments, but my mom has some other tricks up her sleeve. After the trip to the police, she sewed every single pocket that David had on his school uniform and she got him a see...


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