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Rumors Destroyed A Teenager And His Family

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When we talk about rumors and half-truths we talk about hurt people, broken hearts, lost friends, destroyed relationships …In fact one lie is able enough to ruin a whole life. However, the effect of the tale bearing and rumors takes various ranges and leads to different consequences like in Matt Donaghy’s situation, a 15 years old student at rocky river high school ,was accused of planning a bomb threat to kill everyone in the school , slander caused for him a lot of inconveniences from the investigation and suspension, being betrayed and disappointed of his friends who couldn’t be counted on, who didn’t try to get in touch with him to console him and who seemed for me to be believing ...view middle of the document...

Talebearing could spread those lies rapidly among folk and it seemed for some people probable that those individuals could be blamed for the crime, they were simply just some persecuted minorities, always threatened by violence and murder, so why would not one of them do such an act, explode a bomb, as an expression of anger and as a response to the injustice they get?! Nevertheless they were wrong and all was just slander. The authorities were notified and as they were doing their job, they arrested four brothers of those who were defamed to investigate them. No one of the four brothers conceded, why would they?! They didn’t commit any sin against the society or harm anyone. After a period of the pressure, the investigation began to take another form, assault and torture with its different atrocious pictures, to force them to confess. On the other hand, there was another kind of inspection pending (going on) in the location of the explosion which took a long time maybe to cover what was really happening, the authorities seemed to be looking for...

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