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Run Lola Run Fragmentation Elements Essay

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In the right place at the wrong timeRun Lola Run EssayThe essence of postmodern media is its relevance to current events and modern issues. One of the most significant issues is the chaotic lifestyle of civilization due to the lack of time. The film Run Lola Run confronts the subject that slight variations in time are able to bring about vast differences in the outcome of one's life. In the film the protagonist Lola must take part in a frantic journey were she has twenty minutes to find 100 000 Deutschmarks if she is to save the life of Manni, her boyfriend who lost the money which was picked up by a homeless person on the subway. Manni has until noon to get the money to his boss or he will be murdered. Lola runs through the streets of Berlin attempting to find the money. During this journey, the viewer encounters the significance a minuscule time variation in Lola's action will have on the outcome of every individual in the film. The director Tom Tyker was able to conquer this feat by utilizing the fragmentation elements of, symbolism, irony, and specified filming/editing techniques.Throughout Lola's journey, the director uses certain recurring symbols to give the viewers a better understanding of the character's feelings, conflicts, and reasoning. The most prominent symbols are the dominance of the colour red, The significance placed upon spirals, and the music. The colour red represents danger and stress, in the film it is utilized to display the stranglehold time holds on humanity. The root of Lola's conflict in the film is initiated by the red telephone that she receives Manni's hysterical cry for help from. Another use of the colour red is Lola's hair, by the director choosing to have Lola possess bright red hair it clearly displays the desperation and fear that Lola encounters. At the conclusion of plot one (1) there is a flashback to a discussion between Manni and Lola were Lola questions Manni's love for her, this conversation is filled in a room with a red ambiance. During this conversation, Lola is unsure that Manni is truly her soul mate, which adds to her subconscious question of what depths she should reach to help Manni out of his downfall. The color red appears whenever a character is introduced to an unpleasant situation whether it is Lola discovering Manni's situation through the phone call or Lola questioning Manni's love for her when her love for him causes her own demise. While the color red represents a conflict, the characters will face; the symbol of a spiral is used in the film to represent confusion. A Spiral appears in scenes were a character is unsure of the circumstances surrounding them. When Lola is informed of Manni's situation, she travels down a set of spiral stairs, the alteration in the time it takes for her to get to the bottom of the stairs effect the outcome of her entire journey. A spiral will always end at a certain point by Lola altering the time it takes her to travel down the spiral stairs it is as if...

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