Runaway Jury: Depiction Of Jury Tampering And Jury Sequestering

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The movie Runaway Jury starts with a shooting in a business office. The movie then continues to people receiving jury summons and people taking pictures of them. It goes on to show Rankin Fitch and the defense committing electronic surveillance during the jury selections. This movie shows how Fitch and the defense attempt to influence the jury to vote for the defense. The movie continuously shows a person by the name of “Marlee” who talks to Fitch and Rohr trying to persuade them to pay her in order for the jury to be “swayed” their way. “Marlee” is Nick Easter’s girlfriend. As the movie progresses, the viewer realizes that Nick was pretended to get avoid jury duty in order to secure a spot in the jury. The movie ends with the jury voting against the gun company and then Nick and “Marlee” blackmailing Fitch with a receipt for $15 million and they demand that he retire immediately. They inform him that the $15 million will benefit the shooting victims in the town of Gardner.
Jury duty is the obligation to serve on a jury. There are many reasons for being excused if summoned, here are some: having no public or private transportation or having to exceed 1 ½ hours to travel to the trial (http://www.courti…); if you are under 18 or older than 70 (choose not to serve), or if you are not a US resident with a home in the state (http://www.cga …); if you cannot speak or understand English; or is a constitutional officer, a family support magistrate, a judge, or a member of the general assembly (http://www.cga …). After being selected for jury duty, one is at risk of jury tampering which is a crime where someone attempts to influence the jury via means other than those presented during the trial (http://legal-di...; http://defi ...).
A jury may be influenced from conversations about the case away from the courthouse, being offered bribes, or being threatened. In order for a judge to be sure that a jury will not
undergo jury tampering, he or she may order the jury to sequestered which is when they
cannot have any communication with anyone, as well as not having access to news reports (http://courts.u…; http://legal-di…). If you are serving on a jury and are contacted during the trial by someone attempting to influence your decision, you should let the judge know via the officer in charge of the jury, the bailiff or the clerk of the court (http://www.osb …). If a judge becomes aware of jury tampering, he or she will demand a mistrial (http://www.wis...). Then there will be a retrial and with the old jury discharged. (http://books.g ...).
Rankin Fitch tried to influence the jury via blackmail which is a threat to someone who falls into the three main ways that a jury can be influenced (http://dict...). Fitch blackmailed Millie DuPree via arresting her husband and telling her to vote their way in order to release him, Lonnie Shaver via taking away his store and not getting it back unless he voted their way, and...

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