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Beginning EntryDate I started this book: December 7, 2013Title of this book: Runaway TwinAuthor's Name: Peg KehretTotal number of pages in this book: 197Why did I choose this book?Have you ever heard the saying "Don't judge a book by looking at the cover"? For this particular book, that saying would not be accurate, because as I was walking the aisles of the Maitland Library looking for, pulling out and returning various books to the shelves, the title of this book caught my eye and so did the picture cover. As soon as I saw it I had a strong feeling it was the book for me. However, before I could actually read the inside cover, my parents were calling my name to leave, so I had no choice ...view middle of the document...

Chat question # 4The author's message she is trying to say is not every one lives the dream life and is spoiled. She shows us that not everyone has perfect parents and not everyone has both a mom and a dad living together as a loving and caring family. She also is telling us that you can love someone who does not love necessarily love you back, in a way that you wish they did. In this story, Sunny 's dream of finding her twin and living a wonderful sweet life with her long lost twin was sadly a fantasy. She was separated from her twin at the age of 3 and her dream was to find her and hope her twin would feel the same way towards her. In reality, her twin was a spoiled, nasty brat, who lived in a world that was completely opposite that of Sunny's.Sunny travels from foster house to foster house, Star stays in her family's home and gets what she wants, when she wants it. The author is also giving the reader a message to never take family for granted. Families can take the shape of all different shapes, colors and sizes. Respect everybody.Chat Question # 3This book is different from my life because I don't have a twin sister. We are the same though because I have a sister but she is 8 years older then I am. Another difference is my sister and I love each other dearly and Star despises Sunny like a victim despises a bully. A similarity is ifI had a long lost sister I would spend the rest of my life finding her. A difference is my mother is still alive and hers died when she was three. A similarity is we both love our mother vey much. Lastly a difference is I am not a foster child who travels from foster house to foster house. A similarity is we both always remember through the good times and bad that there is always someone who loves you.Chat Question # 5Some parts of the story are believable and some parts are not. It is unbelievable to find $820.00 in a bag in the middle of a walking trail. It is believable to be separated as twins when there is no family left to care for you. It is also believable for a girl to run away and find her long lost twin sister and while doing so to find a stray dog and keep him.What isn't so believable is for someone to survive in a tornado under a tree, or a dog surviving the same tornado under the same tree, or a dog getting hit in the head with a tree branch. These are as believable as monsters under the bed.Ending EntryDate I finished the book December 11, 2013To summarize this Book, a girl named Sunny had a twin sister named Star, a father who left before the twins were even born and their mom and grandmother who died in a crash when the twins were three. After the funeral the twins were separated into two cars, Sunny was supposed to live with her Aunt but she could not care for her so she was placed into foster care. From that time, Sunny traveled to different foster homes and kept running away from them. The first Foster Dad, 'Boss of the House,' as Sunny referred to him, kept track of everything even how much...

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