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Adolescence is a time of transition when a person is going through a critical period because they will grow up and become an adult. At that time, teenagers are seeking their identity. In the process of self-development, they usually become very sensitive and susceptible, so they need help and attention from their closest people, especially parents or family. Then, because of their susceptibility they often do something without thinking carefully. For example many teenagers are run away from home, and many reasons that cause them to run away from home.
The first cause is abuse and violence in the family, this is maybe the most reason why children run away from home. Physical or mental abuse ...view middle of the document...

However, parents can protect their children by provide a better quality of life at home. Just give the time to show your child the love and affection that they need and deserve. A home with loving and happy atmosphere also a good communication will help them to feel comfort in home, which will make them think twice before run away from home.
They probably think that there will be no parent to tell you what to do and no more rules about running away. In the reality, running away is not that fun. Once they out from home, they do not know how many dangers are waiting for them. Teenagers who run away will face new problem like not having a safe place to sleep. With no place for them to stay they would become street people, even there are some people who are just waiting for the children that leaving their home so that they can prey and use them for example as a beggar.
With no money and no home, they become desperate and then they will do anything just to get the money. They often steal money on the streets to meet their basic needs. Become a thief is not the only effect of running away,...

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