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Breathing nervously, I went into to the surgical lung transplant room, the doctor told me to lie down on the bed. My head sank into the fluffy pillow, the doctor told me that this was going to be one of the hardest parts with my cystic fibrosis, the surgery and recovery. Today there is a perfect set of lungs that is going to be put into my body, I have been waiting for this day my whole life. I can remember growing up with this disease. When I was five or so I remember trying tennis, I could play it full swing without having to stop or taking any breaks, but when I was ten or so, I was facing my Dad in a really hard tournament. Halfway through the tournament it was so difficult to ...view middle of the document...

A couple Fridays! That seemed liked months. There was a knock. The nurse peeped his head in the door.
"So I hear your chest hurts a little," said the nurse.
"Yeah," I shrugged.
He picked up my shirt, I could see a long crimson colored line going all the way up my chest, the line looked like it went on forever. Here let me put this on it, I smelt the smell of methanol in the air. The cream burned on my chest. The nurse did not really seem to care what happened to me.
"Any more questions," huffed the nurse.
"Ya, what is around my neck," I questioned.
"It is called a tracheostomy, it will help you breathe better until you new lungs are ready to breathe on their own. Now you should probably take it easy today, your body is still trying to recoup," proposed the Nurse.
Sleep are you kidding me, I just got up. I wanted to see my parents, my friends, and all of my family. But after 30 minutes I could feel my eyes shutting.


I opened my eyes. Smells of flowers and food wafted around the room. Next to my bed was a tray full of food. It looked so good. A different nurse walked in the room, Yes, I thought, a new nurse.
She said, "Hi, my name is Cindy, I will be taking care of you."
"Hi," I groaned back. My chest agonized in pain. Right now, I just about felt like I was going to die.
“Would you like some food?" Cindy asked.
I smelt the smell of steak. I really wanted to shove it in my face and devour it.
"Love some, actually, it smells so good," I exclaimed, belly roaring like lions.
"So," Cindy said as she spoon fed me, "have you heard about the road to recovery"
"Actually, no," I responded.
"Right now you are very weak, as you can see you cannot even move your arms, that's why I'm spoon feeding you. Slowly you will have re-learn how to walk. There are going to be many effects because of this surgery,” lectured Cindy.
I can walk out of this hospital, I thought, I DO NOT need to be taught how to “re-walk”.
"I have always wanted to run, do you think I will be able to run?" I interjected, even though I knew I could probably never run, my muscles were probably weaker than babies.
"Ha-ha, sure," muttered Cindy, you could hear doubt in her voice. So much for encouragement.
"Can we start now?" I questioned. I really just wanted to go home, and be done with this road to recovery. Please say yes, I want to go home.
"Right now it is time to rest," ordered Cindy.
"But that’s what the Nurse said yesterday!" I argued.
"And now I'm saying it too today," she snapped.
But I could not sleep, all I could think about was me running, running a race and then... finishing it. This time it was going to happen. I had to make it happen.

Bursting sunlight was in my eyes, I looked to see Cindy looming over me.
"Ready to start," questioned Cindy.
"Start what," I grumbled. Knowing exactly what Cindy was going to say. I wiped my eyes to see Cindy staring right down at me.
"Duh the road to recovery," laughed Cindy.
Quickly I grabbed the remote that...

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