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Running Record Essay

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Administering this running record the 3rd week at the school, Jack was already familiar with me. He felt very comfortable with going into the hall with me. While sitting down we talked about what he did over the weekend because it was a 3-day weekend. He talked about how he went to Chucky Cheese for his friend birthday. I shared that I went home for the weekend to be with my family and also celebrated my Grandma’s birthday. This was a positive way to build rapport before testing his reading abilities.

Test Behaviors

Jack did not want to read the book at first. It took some time for him to gain focus and want to read. The reason for this is because he can struggle in ...view middle of the document...

An example of this is the word “else,” He knew this word three out of five times and then just skipped over the word. He used a lot of interjections and hesitations (umm, uh….). He also confused words and letters such as “does” and “don’t”. His reading can be slow and labored at times. This affected his oral fluency, which is in need of development.
He struggled with responding accurately and clearly articulating what he was trying to say, but described in a different way showing that he understood or comprehend what he read. He lacked the vocabulary need to clearly articulate his response and understanding.
The questions he answered incorrectly are:
2. How did the author describe the shark in the book?(text-based)
Jacks answer: “Shark eat fish.”
3. Which two animals were crawling in the sea? (text-based)
Jacks answer: “Shell thing.”
Correct answer: crabs and lobster

Instructions recommendations

One way to help Jack with his reading is to provide him with one on one instructional intervention. This instruction should teacher using direct and explicit instruction in the area of vocabulary development. He had difficulty articulating his responses showing he does not have the vocabulary or language he needs to respond accurately using key details. Jack needs to read a wide variety of genres at this independent level for practice. He can choose one passage form an independent level book and practice his oral fluency with repeated readings. His teacher can audio record this reading and play it...

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