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Rupanzel And The 3 Witches Essay

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Once upon a time lived a girl named Rapunzel. She was a very curious and happy girl. She lived the kingdom of Macedomia. It was a huge place with lots of trees and flowers. Rapunzel loved to go in the forest but her mother would not let her because she would get lost. One day Rapunzel saw a very colorful butterfly and tried to catch her and unknowingly entered the forest.
After she realized where she was she decided to go back home but she was drawn to the magnificent flowers and decided to get them for her mother. She started plucking the flowers when she saw a house with a huge tower attached to it. She was very surprised and saw that the purple door was left open. Rapunzel knew that ...view middle of the document...

As the witches entered home tired from finding ingredients for their spell were devastated to find out that someone had eaten their pumpkin pie, touched and wore their special outfits, and had sat on their chairs and the girl was still sleeping on it. “GRRRR” yelled the witches and they yelled so loud that Rapunzel woke up.
She was shocked to see three ugly witches walking towards her and started running but one of the witches stepped on her long hair and rapunzel could not run any more as it would hurt.
“Ha! I won’t let you go so easily. You know what I will never let you go.” yelled the big witch.
“You will now live in this tower. Forever.” said the other witch. Rapunzel was devastated to hear this. She wanted to go back home.
“N0, Please let me go! I am very sorry. Please! I beg you” pleaded Rapunzel.
“You have done something wrong and now you will suffer.” said the third witch. Rapunzel was trapped in the tower and would be for her whole life. Each day, Rapunzel woke up and sat there singing to pass her time. The witches were of to work finding ingredient to make their spells that were useless. One sunny day Rapunzel woke up and after having bread that had probably old then she started singing . There in the deserted forest a prince passed by who was going back to his kingdom and heard Rapunzel sing. His heart melted as he heard her beautiful voice and wanted to find out who this voice belonged to. After find the way to the beautiful voice he came across the witches house but he did not see Rapunzel. That night the prince could not forget the magnificent voice he had heard in the forest so he decided to find it the next day. No matter how long it took. So the next day the prince set out...

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