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Rushmore Film Analysis Film Essay

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Cinematography is cleverly used in the movie Rushmore to evoke a mood that is interpreted though the main character(s). A tone that recreates the feelings of ambition in adolescence and being dogged by defeat. From the beginning of the film there is a montage sequence which uses rapid transitions which sway from one area of the room slowly onto Max. This which builds up and leads onto him to show that Max is in a sense the greater person who is looked up onto to “solve” everything and seen as “The Man”. Techniques such as camera shots, frames and contrast are used to conceal and reveal important information. These techniques are important because they also allow the viewer to get a full experience of what the characters are going through. Without them, all sense of emotion and mood is lost.
Rushmore uses the unique style of cinematography such as its singular sense of color and shades that focuses on mainly on blues, reds, greens, and greys to create a heightened reality. The senses that these colors evoke are what allow us to focus our attention onto the important details of the film. For most of the characters, the mood feels as if they are in a bubble that shifts back and forth between somberness and cheerfulness. The darkness and light in the frames can change a lot in a film. For example, the shades of the gloomy sky, mostly around Mr. Blume, makes the viewer feel as if the character is depressed. This is also given when miserable Mr. Blume (Bill Murray), prepares to jump into his dirty green pool with his cigar and alcohol, followed by a birds-eye view shot. This scene translates to how he has lost his purpose to try and simply chooses to fall into his unattended pool that serves as a metaphor for the state of life he is in. In another instance Max could be seen taking advantage of the mood set from the dark stormy weather where Ms. Cross would be found home alone. He attempted to use the situation to come off as a vulnerable person in order to have Ms. Cross’s sympathy and get his way.
There is heavy emphasis of point of view in the film that gives each of the characters their own bitter/sweet moments, which nearly all of the characters are looking for the same thing in a way. From the beginning of the film when Max Fischer is a child, he believes to be considered a matured person. Max is set on a type of environment (Rushmore) where his behavior is encouraged by other characters. In a sense, Max always finds a way to manipulate others. For example, when Mr. Blume is first introduced, he comes off as a mature business man and father, but the more time he spends with Max, the more immature he becomes. Nearly everyone Max comes across, he is able to persuade them into his doings. Both of their...

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