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Russia And Central Asia Essay

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Europe Journal

Europe of one of the seven continents in the world and it consists over 47 countries. There are many landforms in the Europe, such as bodies of water, rivers, mountains, and plains. One of the reason that landforms are important to Europe is because landforms separate people from early Europe which causes European to have different culture such as, languages, writing systems, food, etc. The other reason is because they make people life easier like the bodies of water. They transport people and goods easier and faster. I picked up some of the major landforms in Europe as examples.
The Mediterranean Sea was a sea located on the south of the Europe. It was almost completely surrounded by lands. The Mediterranean Sea affected their agriculture, tourism, transportation, and jobs. Although it is very hot and dry during the summer time, farmers still work very hard to grow crops like wheat, barley, olives, oranges, and grapes. In addition, the sea itself was rich in fish, so these make European rich and special in cuisine. It also became a popular place to visit. It attracts millions of tourists every year. This sea makes European life easier for people and goods to transport from one place to another, therefore many people had jobs as fishermen, ship building, or other oceanic occupations.
The Aegean Sea is a part of the Mediterranean Sea, and it was located on the south between Greece and Turkey. It affected their transportation, trading, and jobs. This sea makes European life easier too. Having this sea, people can travel to whatever places they want to visit. It also make people more convenience to trade and sell things to other countries. The lifestyle of the people who live near Aegean Sea was slightly different from the people who live in the town. People live near the sea can get job like fishermen, traders, sailors, etc. easier than in the town. They can also go fishing by themselves. They either sell them for earning money or keep them for their meals.
The English Channel is body of water that separated United Kingdom from France, and is joined to the North Sea. The main purpose of this channel tunnel was to make the trading for goods easier and faster along United Kingdom and France. The major trading are natural resources. For example: United Kingdom has iron ore and coal, so a band of coal deposits stretching from the United Kingdom across to Belgium and the Netherlands and from there to France, Germany, and Poland. Today, it is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It also helps United Kingdom to protect from the invasion by the European powers since after World War II.
The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe. It flows from Germany through nine countries to the Black Sea near Romania and Bulgaria. Because it flows through many different countries, so it has many different languages and culture. The Danube River is the main lanes of transportation in the southeastern Europe. Since it flows...

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