Russia Invading Ukraine Vs. “Blood Done Sign My Name”

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The book, “Blood Done Sign My Name”, has a lot of parallels to the world and how the world deals with issues such as oppression, discrimination, racism, and separation. One of the situations that is happening in the world today that can relate to the situations in the book are the invasions in of the Ukraine by Russia. This has been a pretty big global issue involving Russia threatening to take over parts of the Ukraine, such as Crimea and Kiev, which Russia believes rightfully belongs to them.
To lead into both of these, I will give a quick summary of what I am comparing about the two and what the two are about as well as what they have in common. For instance, one of the biggest things about both of these situations is that even though confrontation is starting is a specific area, the intrigue and worry are starting to spread to different parts of the world. Who knows what Russia will do once they get what they want. I bet the whites were thinking the same thing about the blacks in “Blood Done Sign My Name”. (Tyson)
One of the biggest differences between the two incidences of Ukraine and the book we read would be the time periods, as well as duration of the disputes. Some say that racial injustice and oppression is still very relevant today, and of course the disagreement in the Ukraine is relevant due to the fact that it is all over the news at the moment. For the most part, black and white segregation was centered and isolated in the United States and stayed there overall. The thing about the Ukrainian struggle is that it started in Ukraine and Russia, and has stayed there, but it has a possible global ripple effect, if you will. Overall, the Ukrainian dilemma has already reached the world in terms of being aware of what is going on and what to look for in case a war might break out and if the United States might get involved. (NBC News)
So, to go a little deeper into detail of the Ukrainian struggle with Russia, I should say Russia is somewhat greedy in their views of what they think they deserve. Since parts of Ukraine were previously parts of Russia, (when they were the USSR), Russia wants their land back all of a sudden. Two of the places in Ukraine that Russia wants to take back are Kiev and Crimea. (The Washington Post) Russia has told the Ukraine to peacefully give them back the two parts of Ukraine without any violence or military action on their part. But Ukraine has been torn, pretty much down the middle, of protesters for both sides of the negotiation. Most of the people in eastern Ukraine (the side closer to Russia geographically) want Ukraine, as a whole, to reunite with its previous mother country of Russia, whereas western Russia (the side farther from Russia geographically) wants Ukraine to stay a separate country from Russia and for Russia to stay out of Ukrainian matters all together. (NBC News) In the past few weeks, Russia has taken over parts of the Ukraine and has threatened to start a new world war if Ukraine tries...

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