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Russia Not A Threat Essay

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Russia, the story of a nation that once was, but now merely is. It is the story of a nation that once looked to far ahead into the future, but now can only look back at the marvel it once was. Russia stood for everything an American believed as wrong, they were a totalitarian state, they weren't capitalists, and they didn't practice democracy. So why is it that the affirmative team keeps telling us that this nation is still a threat? 25% of the nation is under poverty, and another 30% are barely earning minimum wage. So when you have a nation that has witnessed first hand exactly how awesome the power of the United States can be, you ask, why would they ask for more? Don't they have enough problems? We of the negative certainly believe that Russia simply is no longer because everything from logic, to reality point to that conclusion. The one thing that Russia still has on their side is a stockpile of weapons that have been left over since the Cold War, however, why would a nation that only has one thing to boast of be eager to rid themselves of it? In all reality, they wouldn't, but the affirmative team is envisioning their very own little world in which Russians suddenly become a threat, the world in which a pathetic excuse for a world power gives up its only real claim to fame.I. Under contention one the affirmative team claimed that Civilian populations worldwide are threatened but they failed miserably to prove to us that the terrorists have a motive to actually use a weapon of mass destruction. They failed to prove to us that these terrorists have the financial capabilities to even actually purchase one of these nuclear weapons. They failed to prove to us, that they have the means to deploy these weapons of mass destruction. They failed to prove to us that these Russian warheads even work anymore, its not like they can test them because of the...

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