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Russia is a democratic republic with 83 federal units. The country is bordered by 14 countries including Norway, Finland, Estonia, and Poland. It is one of the largest countries in the world with a land area of 17,000,000 squire kilometers and a population of 143 million people. The country is well endowed with natural resources like minerals, forest cover and water resources. Russian mighty and power was acquired during its membership in the Soviet Union were it emerged as a super power. The country has permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council; it is also a member of the Group of 20(G20), Group of 8(G8) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. This paper will critically examine the Russian national purpose and ideology, national power and international relationships as well as foreign policy. The paper will also describe the Russian commitments and its national security relationships with the United States.
Question one. National purpose of Russia
Russia is keen to increase her economic growth, protect the security of her people and safeguard vital markets for her products. The country has managed to use technology in developing military influence to protect her people and enhance power and influence in the international market. However, the Russian economy is still struggling and the focus is to enhance economic expansion. The national purpose is therefore shaped by economic and security interests. To pursue its national interest, Russia has teamed up with other rich nations in influencing global politics and international policy-making processes. Besides, the country has membership in economic blocks to find convenient market for its products (Bowen, 1998).

Question Two.Russian ideology
Since the era of Soviet Union, Russia has been pursuing a socialistic political ideology (Hill, 1978). The Soviet Union was based on Marxism-Leninism theories and the influence was extended to political parties in other countries. Nevertheless, with the fall of the powerful USSR, there was need to build a new strategy to guide the nation. In this regard, there was a re-emergence of nationalistic views since the election of Vladmir Putin as the president. In general, the national ideology is to have a social contract between the people and the government (Hamm, 1995).
Question Three.National interest of Russia and international conflicts
In the pursuit of her national interests, Russia has met challenges and conflict of interest with the other international players. This fact can be explained by the Ukraine-Russian energy crisis of 2006, which affected all parties including the European Union and the United States. Russia’s negative relationship with Georgia is also an example of how national interest can conflict with international interests. National security and technology dominance is another key issue that the country has been in conflict with other countries. For example, the suspicion that has always been there...

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