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The G8 is a term for the Group of eight most industrializes nations in the world, which are France, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada. The European Union is also delegated at the G8 summits by the president of European Union and the European Commission. “Since 1975, the head of state or government of the major industrial democracies have been meeting annually to deal with the major economic and political issues facing their domestic societies and the international community as a whole.” The G8 meeting had been discussing macroeconomic management, international trade, and the relations with developing countries. The G8 has developed a network to let ministers from different parts of the world continue the work thought out each summit. Thus, the summit has attracted the attention of countless journalists each year. The G20 is the same definition as Group of 20, which includes some developing countries like, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Korea and Turkey.
At the Kananaskis Summit in Canada in 2002, the G7 summit proclaimed that Russia will host the G8 meeting in 2006, in order to become a full member of the G8. “The world’s major industrial nations on March 26th effectively suspended Russia indefinitely from the Group of Eight and warned that they would impose stronger economic sanctions against Moscow President Vladimir Putin expands his military intervention in Ukraine.” The decision followed by United States President Barack Obama as a representative of the wealthy countries against what he called Russia’s violation of international law with the annexation of Crimea. As the consequence for the Russian’s incursion in Ukraine, so called the Crimean crisis, the G7 members refused to attend to the G8 summit in Sochi, Russia in June to isolate Putin. Belgium is going to host the G7 summit at Brussels on June 4th and 5th, 2014. The G7 leaders met in The Hague for the first time without having Russia at the meeting.
During the summit at The Hague, the G7 members suggest that Russia had violated international law and disobey the purpose of G8 summit. “Calling Russia’s action a serious challenge to the rule of law around the world,” the seven leaders agreed: “under these circumstances, we will not participate in the planned Sochi Summit.” By not participating in the Sochi Summit in June is a sanction that all G7 leaders give to demand Putin with his troops in the eastern border of Ukraine. As the consequence for the Russian’s incursion in Ukraine, so called the Crimean crisis, other seven leaders suspended Russia from the G8, so that Putin could send his troops back from Ukraine. At the Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama and other six allies in the G7 believes that nuclear weapons may involve in advance of Ukraine crisis due to Putin’s ambitions beyond Crimea.
The Nuclear Terrorism is the main topic that Ukraine and all the other countries...

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