Russian American Business Relations Essay

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From the PresidentThe unprecedented terrorist attack on the United States onSeptember 11 changed the world as we knew it forever.Civilized humanity cried and prayed together with theAmericans and other countries who lost loved ones, andRussian President Putin was the first foreign leader to callPresident Bush expressing condolences and offering support.His statements of September 11 and September 24, 2001(visit our website Spotlight section for the full text ofboth statements) provide striking evidence that a new era inUS-Russian relations has begun. It is important to stress thatMr. Putin's words have translated into action. Russia is standingby America in a war against terror. And so are the Central Asian countries of theformer Soviet Union, which are providing crucial support.The bioterror spreading from continent to continent is now attempting to further disruptour lives only to prove that there are no more safe heavens to hide, and we are reallyall in this together. And together we are! Instead of the panic, horror and hate theterrorists aimed to generate, Americans embraced each other and came closer with theworld, thus opening new opportunities not only in military alliances, but in economicand business partnerships and cultural understanding.Since our last issue, highlights of the ARCCI and the American-Eurasian Chamber ofCommerce (AECC) activities included a Roundtable "Freedom of Press 2001" co-sponsoredby the ARCCI in Moscow, which attracted participants from the US, UK, Canadaand Russia. We also continued our joint series of workshops on technology transferand offshore software development in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tashkent, Astanaand Tallinn.The ARCCI and AECC have continued to expand on the array of services provided tomembers. To facilitate networking with the new Administration, members of Congress,international financial institutions and increase cooperation with the NGOs promotinginternational relations and trade, in September 2001, the ARCCI opened aWashington office. Please call us at 202-756-4943 or email for additionalinformation. Our headquarters remain at the World Trade Center - Chicago.We continued expanding web-based services, helping dozens of members to markettheir products and services and find new suppliers and distributors.On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciationto our members and friends. Special thanks to the Embassy and Trade Representationof the Russian Federation, Embassies of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, andUzbekistan; the U.S. Commerce Department, Department of State; and our generouscorporate sponsors Baker & McKenzie, Boeing, Caterpillar, CNH, Chicago MercantileExchange, Coudert Brothers, Ford Motor Company, Mary Kay, Philip Morris andPriceWaterhouseCoopers.We look forward to taking part in strengthening international peace and businesspartnerships and being of service to our members.Sincerely,BUSINESS REPORT VOL.9 NO.31table...

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