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Leading up to the Russian Federation the Russians signed a treaty ending the war they were in with Germany. This treaty, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, made Russia lose large amounts of territory. This treaty also took Russia out of World War I.
The Russian empire starts to collapse in 1918. During this same year Russia has a civil war. This war is between the Red army and the White Russians, also known as the anti-communists. The White Russians were aided by France, Britain, and the United States.
In the seventy years following the year 1922 Russia will become part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. While the Soviet Union collapses Russia became independent. Ukraine, ...view middle of the document...

Also during that year, Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov is appointed and he appoints to people from the Communist Party as ministers.
In the next year Yeltsin sacks Primakov as well and appoints Sergey Sepashin. In three months Yeltsin had also sacked Sepashin and got a new Prime Minister. His name was Vladimir Putin. Within a month of being Prime Minister, Putin sends troops to Chechnya because a series of bombings that were blamed on Chechnya’s extremists. This made him popular with the Russian public.
Yeltsin retires and Putin is put in as President in place of Yeltsin.
In the next election, Putin is elected President.
Next, in 2001, a treaty is signed when the Chinese president visits Moscow.
In December of 2002 the government forces the last national TV station to stop broadcasting. This action caused the people to have a growing concern about whether they had free speech or not. After a group of journalists and Kremlin-back managers team up, the channel goes back to broadcasting in June. The station was then called TVS.
In May of this year the USA and Russia announce a new agreement for reducing their nuclear weapons. Both sides are supposed to cut their supplies of 6,000 weapons a piece down by two-thirds. The nations got ten years to accomplish this task.
In August a helicopter crashes in Chenchen minefield which resulted in 115 deaths. The Russian government accused those in Chenchen of shooting it down. Reporters told a different story though. They suggested that the high rate of deaths was caused by the crowdedness of the area.
Also in this year 800 people are held hostage in a theatre in Moscow by Chechen rebels. The Russian government decides to storm the building. This results in most of the Chechen rebels and around 120 hostages deaths.
Two months later in December, a suicide bomber attacks the headquarters the Chechen government in Grozny. Over 50 people were killed.
In May of 2003 another bombing takes place killing more than 50 people again. This bombing also took place at a Chechen government building that was north of the...

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